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The beginnings of the religion Islam and its followers, Muslims.


southwest corner of Asia

sand dunes

shaped by the wind, rise to 800 feet high & stretch for miles


wet, fertile area in a desert


group of traders traveling together


means "to submit to God"


man who brought a new religion to Arabia


follower of Islam


tribe of people who moved around the desert living in tents


to journey to a sacred place; muslims must go on their hajj to Mecca


holy book of Islam; exact word of Allah (God) told to Muhammad


holy month of fasting


refers to the way Muhammad lived and provides a model for duties and the way of life for Muslims

Five Pillars of Islam

first duties of a Muslim;
1. Proclaim "there is no God, but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet."
2. Pray 5 times a day and visit a mosque on Friday
3. Give alms to the needy
4. Fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.
5. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime.


Islamic law, judges the rightness of actions an individual or community might take

Abu Bakr

chosen as leader of Islam after the death of Muhammad


Capital of Islamic empire during 762


title given to the muslim leader


slave soldiers, converted to Islam and became strong warriors

Mehmed II

led Ottomans to conquer Constantinople in 1453


Turkish Muslims from Central Asia


muslims who thought only descendants of Muhammad could become caliphs

Suleyman I

ruled over Spain for 700 years


group who doesn't think caliphs have to be related to Muhammad

Taj Mahal

tomb built between 1631 & 1647 by Emperor Shah Jahan


decorative writing


muslim scholars in Baghdad & Cordoba translated ancient writings to this language

Ibn Battutah

1320, the explorer who traveled to Africa, India, China, & Spain


the muslims greatest advance


doctor in Baghdad learned/discovered how to treat this disease

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