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  1. 1. spefifc intent to do acts that constitute aid/ assistance, and
    2. future purpose for cirme to suceed (nexus b/t act and incentive for crime to suceed)

    Gladstone (show map where to get weed case)...NO AL...MR can be inferred from facts, but no facts to prove second part that D had a "stake in the venture"
  2. depends on jur., but
    Garguilo counterfit money case said that mere presence at the crime could not be an act (even though prob. had MR)
    Kelly (encourage to forge tax documents)....words alone were enough to be actus reas b/c were encouragement

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  1. CL ALprinciple in the 1st degree (commits act)
    principle in the 2nd degree (is there, butdoens't committ)
    principle before the fact (aids before)
    princple after the fact (aids after)