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  1. MUST BE COMMITTED/COMPLETED, but like inchoate offenses b/c group crime
    b/c accompleise "derives" liablity for the prinicple so can't be convicted if no crime but the majority rule (Standifer) shows that aquitall of the principal does not bar accomplise to be liable b/c the crime still has to be proven at trial to be proved
  2. 1. spefifc intent to do acts that constitute aid/ assistance, and
    2. future purpose for cirme to suceed (nexus b/t act and incentive for crime to suceed)

    Gladstone (show map where to get weed case)...NO AL...MR can be inferred from facts, but no facts to prove second part that D had a "stake in the venture"

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  1. CL AL1. AR: act that aids, abets, encourages or assists another to perform a crime (need actual participation probably)
    2. Dual Mens reas: specific intent