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Nationalism and New Imperialism (Chapters 24 and 25)

a strong feeling or devotion to one's country
What bonds create a feeling of nationalism?
(Actual territory the space in which they share) Land
(how they behave) Culture
How was nationalism fueled by Napoleon leading to the Congress of Vienna?
Both encouraged nationalism which fueled efforts to build nation-states all over Europe based on ethnicity and nationality
Il Risorgimento
Italian nationalist movement (the movement for Italian unification and freedom from Austrian control)
Who was the heart of nationalism?
Guiseppe Mazzini
Fill in the blank
Guiseppe Mazzini was the ____ of nationalism.
Who am I?
FOUNDED YOUNG ITALY (a young nationlist group)

Because of my 'EXTREME' VIEW on NATIONALISM (according to conseratives) he WAS EXILED because of his vocalization~ Oh the passion
---Even as he was exiled he spreads ideas by smuggle patriotic pamphets to italy~like a true gangster
Guiseppe Mazzini
Who was referred to as the Red shirts?
the followers of Giuseppe Garibaldi
Why were the followers of Giuseppe Garibaldi called the Red shirts?
Uniform (to be an attention whore)
What was Count Camillo Cavour's goal?
to UNIFY under king victor emanuel
Who am I?
I want control of Italy I but DON'T USE FORCE. I take the vote of Italians and ELECT for unification under the Sardinian king (~like a sly mofo...look at his pic it helps)
Victor Emmanuel II
Who was the brain of nationalism?
Count Camillo Cavour
Who was the prime minister of Sardinia?
Count Camillo Cavour
Victor Emmanuel II
1st king of UNITED Italy
Areas added to Italy in 1866?
(basically everything in the boot part but rome) sicily, tuscany,
Areas added to Italy in 1870?
Who was the Prussian king
William I
Who takes power once Germany is unified?
Prussian King William takes title Kaiser
Otto von Bismarck
prime minister of prussia
"Blood and Iron"
belief that industry & war would unify Germany ( by Otto Von Bismarck)
"Blood and Iron"
What did the blood represent?
"Blood and Iron"
What did the iron represent?
idea of "real politcis"
policies based on the interest of Prussia
(all about the state, about getting more power at any cost)
3 wars to unify Germany
War with Denmark (1864)
Austro-Prussian War (1866)
Franco-Prussian War (1870)
What happened in the War with Denmark (1864)?
Prussia gains control of Schleswig
Austria gains control of Holstein
What happened in the Austro-Prussian War (1866)?
Italy gets Venice from Austria
Franco-Prussian War - 1870
"Ems Dispatch"
What is the "Ems Dispatch"?
A message from William I of Prussia to Napoleon III which brought France into the Franco Prussian war
Once unified what was Germany called?
new German Empire the Second Reich or Second Empire
What is a Kaiser?
the title of emperors of Austria or of Germany
Second Once unified what was Germany called?
the Second Reich
How is Germany after unification
Strong and powerful
Who am I?
I believe in the divine rite of kings.Since Bismark the heart, brain and sword of nationalism) is so fab HE IS A THREAT! I made him resign.

I hated liberalists and democrats of any kind and resisted any democratic change (B*tch please No one give an F)

These bad decisions led to WWI
William II
Nationalism in the Austrian Empire
weakened governments and sparked rivalries/bloodshed/conflicts
Austrian Empire as multinational
What is another name for The Compromise of 1867?
Compromise of 1867
give ONLY Hungarians (certain) rights to self-govern

Transformed the Habsburg Empire into a dual monarchy (Austria and Hungary)
Dual monarchy
the ruling of two independent nations (Austrians Hungry)
Nationalism in the Ottoman Empire
monarchs who also tried to ignore nationalism and liberalism
Ottoman Empire as multinational
Too much diversity - ethnicity and religion; can't keep it together
What did Europeans call the Ottoman Empire?
"Dying Man"
What was the Eastern Question?
"What willl happen when the ottoman empire collapses?"
(Who will get to control trade -Constantinople)
What was the "Balkan Powder Keg"?
increased TENSION between slavic groups (take just one spark for the entire region ... to go BOOM WWI)
Who were the young turks?
liberal educated men
Where did the young turks get their name from?
(another movement) young italy
What was the goal of the young turks?
they tried to get rid of sultan and make liberal reforms to try to save emp
(... won't succeeed in saving Ottoman empire)
What was the Young Turks?
a liberal and nationalist movement trying to save the ottoman emp
What was Russia like 1860-1914
Backwards: Rural, agricultural, serfdom
Not Industrialized
Considered a threat only because of its size - stretched from Europe across Asia to Pacific Ocean
Repressive absolute monarchy under the Romanovs:tough rulers, very conservatives
"Orthodoxy, Autocracy(one ruler with all the power), Nationalism"
Similar in situation to Austrian and Ottoman Empires
Ignored liberalism and nationalism (other than Russian)
Who was like Catherine and had/wanted an emancipation?
Alexander II
What is emancipation? ( Alexander II)
the freeing of the serfs of Russia (like Catherine who wanted to but couldn't)
Which czar assassinated by radicals in 1881?
Alexander II
Which czar had the problem of Liberals wanted more change and conservatives wanted no change
Alexander II
Why did czar Alexander II have the problem of Liberals wanted more change and conservatives wanted no change?
because he would give them little reforms ('twas just a taste.. so.... liberals wanted more and conservatives were pissed as furk cuz they wanted none...

Why? Cuz when you give an inch they take a mile browskie)
Who was the different czar that passed liberal reforms that upset the people Decides to make serious reforms

Alexander III, Nicholas II
Alexander II
Which czar was extremely conservative and extremely harsh?
Alexander III
Which czar TAKES BACK reforms!
Alexander III
Which czar was repressive (meaning persecuted reformers and revolutionaries)?
Alexander III
What does repressive mean?
Alexander III
What is Russification?
making everything Russified
Which czar did Russification?
Alexander III
What were pograms?
semitic (in other words anti-jews)
under which czar were jews are being attacked and killed because they are jewish
(MASSIVE OUTBREAK of kiling of Jews)?
Alexander III
Which Czar was not well equiped to be a czar?
Nicholas II
"Bloody Sunday"
Which czar pushed industrialisation in russia?
Nicholas II
Which czar built the Trans-Siberian Railroad cuz he was obsessed with industrialization?
Nicholas II
Who built the Trans-Siberian Railroad?
Nicholas II
What is Trans-Siberian Railroad?
A railroad that runs all the way across Russia to Siberia
Explain the rise of Marxism in Russia Problems?
The growth of the working class (cuz of bad ruler) people turn to COMMUNISM also known as Marxist Socialism
What is Marxist Socialism
communism is..
Marxist Socialism
What was the Duma?
the russian assembly (legislative) and elected body of representatives
When was Bloody Sunday?
(My birthday you selfish Bastich)
January 9, 1905
(Furk YAH)
What was bloody sunday?
When Father Gapon and the working class bring a (peaceful) petition and the troops blatantly CAP THEIR ASSES
The shooting of Father Gapon and the working class bring a (peaceful) petition and the troops blatantly shooting them was known as?
Bloody sunday
What is imperialism?
the process of one people ruling or controlling another people
What is New Imperialism
imperialism in the 1800's and 1900's
What's the same about imperialism and new imperialism?
Motives of religion (not so much),
what is the difference between imperialism and new imperialism?

Spain and Portugal is not important

Major powers?-imperial powers (Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands)

The imperial powers are trying to imperializing Africa and Asia

All gone through the Industrial Revolution
What are the main/imperial powers of new imperialism?
Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
What are imperial powers trying to imperialize?
African and Asia
What were the 3 motives for New Imperialism?
economic, political, and Social dawinism
What was the Economic Interests fro New Imperialism?
Political Interests (glory) -
In order for Britain to be the main power, they must get colonies.
The countries are competitive and they must have colonies to be better.
It's all about the glory of the nation.
If they have more colonies than another, then they would be better then another country.
Social Darwinism- Based on the idea of Charles Darwin- evolution and natural selection.
Social Darwinism is racist and prejudice.
Applies it to people, not science.
White people are better than everyone else.
The Europeans are genetically better than non Europeans, Asians and Africans.
Imperialism is nature's way of selecting the whites to move on and the Africans and Asians to move on.
(gold) -
Cheap raw materials.
sell back industrial goods to their colonies.
must sell your material to your mother countries.
This profits the mother country- which is the new power.
It hurts the colonies (Africa and Asia), but the Europeans didn't care.