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Module 12

Spanish missions established in California:
sought to turn Indians into hard-working Christians
The Mexican War contributed to all of the following EXCEPT:
the strengthening of the Union
Which of the following statements about the Mexican War is NOT true?
It was one of the most unselfish wars in history.
The major factor that delayed Texas annexation until 1845 was:
concern over Texas entering as a slave state
Congress voted to annex Texas
between Polk's election and his inauguration
Mexico obtained its independence from
Spain in 1821
William Henry Harrison
was elected more on his military record than for his stand on the issues
President Tyler infuriated Henry Clay by vetoing his bill in support of
a new national bank
The stranding of the Donner party in 1846 resulted in
rampant cannibalism
Sam Houston's contribution to Texas independence was his
defeat of the Mexican army in San Jacinto
By the 1830s, there was so much commercial activity between Mexico and St. Louis that the Mexican silver peso had become
the primary medium of exchange in Missouri
John Tyler could be called an Old Republican in that he
believed in the Jeffersonian ideals of limited government and states' rights
Which leader is described as a president without a party?
John Tyler
The Mexican War erupted when
Mexican and U.S. troops clashed north of the Rio Grande
In the 1820s, Stephen F. Austin
encouraged thousands of Anglos to settle in Texas
Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to move his troops to the Rio Grande to
provoke a Mexican attack
As a result of his victories in Northern Mexico, the Mexican War made a national hero of
Zachary Taylor
In regards to marriage, Lincoln
tried to avoid it as long as possible
Which of the following church groups did young Lincoln most identify with?
Lincoln served as a soldier in the
Black Hawk War
Lincoln was a very successful businessman and lawyer before entering politics.
As a young politician, Abraham Lincoln supported ALL the following EXCEPT
income taxes
In his free time, Lincoln liked to
read and write poetry
Which of the following BEST describes Lincoln's personality?
In regards to slavery, Lincoln believed that
wrong answers: abolitionists were the best hope to end the threat of civil war, slavery should be abolished immediately, the government had the duty to end slavery
ALL the following are TRUE about Abraham Lincoln's childhood EXCEPT
he nearly died of smallpox when he was a toddler
Abraham Lincoln loved farming and embraced the idea that agriculture made a person virtuous and independent.
Lincoln remembered his mother as a happy and optimistic person who brought joy to the home.
As president, Polk supported all of the following EXCEPT
internal improvements
Members of the Donner party engaged in cannibalism when stranded on their way to California.
The 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty banned white settlers from the northern plains.
Early in the Mexican War, Polk grew most concerned over Zachary Taylor's: President Polk, however, disliked the easy terms of surrender to which Taylor agreed, and worried about Taylor's growing popularity.
wrong answer: lack of control over undisciplined soldiers
When editor John L. O'Sullivan wrote of "manifest destiny," he meant that American westward expansion
was sanctioned by God
At the Battle of San Jacinto
Santa Anna was captured
Among the most vocal opponents of the Mexican War was
Abraham Lincoln
The decisive victory in the war came with Winfield Scott's capture of
Mexico City
Polk's nickname of "Young Hickory" most reflected his
association with Jackson and support for Jacksonian policies
John A. Sutter
established the trading post that became Sacramento
All of the following resulted from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo EXCEPT
U.S. troops continued to occupy Mexico
After Mexico gained its independence in 1821, the Santa Fe Trail established vigorous commerce between New Mexico and
John Tyler favored Henry Clay's American System.
The Plains Indians encountered by Americans migrating westward
were highly dependent on horses and buffalo
California's Bear Flag Republic
lasted only a month until American rule was established
Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to move his troops to the Rio Grande to
provoke a Mexican attack
William Henry Harrison died one month after his inauguration as president.
Most of the American settlers in Texas went there because of
cheap cotton lands
The Americans known as "mountain men" who blazed western trails were
fur trappers
At the Battle of San Jacinto
Santa Anna was captured