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the answers to which will involve other people's free choices Ex. praying for marriages

NT-promises about prayer

1 John : 5:14-15- strong prayer promise
Theological distinction between will of God in two senses, revealed will of God (EX. don't steal,, sister conflict-He wants us to forgive each other) (Involves free choices of other people sisters are moral agents and responsible to forgive each other) and hidden will of God.

Categories of request

1. If it be your will
2. since it is your will (God wants this!)

Theories of free will

Non-determinism (libertarian):I pray that sisters will forgive each other, I will override their free will. God can try to influence sisters but will not want to override moral responsibility (free will). I can be confident that God will give His best shot.
Soft determinism: a free choice is acting on what matters most to you. Pray to God that He changes their hearts and they forgive each other.


libertarian: weakens prayer and doesn't fulfill prayer promises/ doesn't seem consistent
soft determinism: God (puppet master)-Isn't He making a choice? Have they (us) become puppets?


We can't wait to pray until we have answered prayer questions. We can't wait to be moral until we have all moral answers. We have to get on with living without having all answers.

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