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London is the capital of what european country?


Which of the following is NOT true of London?

It was the heart of the habsburg empire

Amsterdam is the capitol of what european country?


London is located on which major river


Amsterdam is a port city connected to which major body of water?

North Sea

Which of the following is NOT true of amsterdam in the 16th and 17th centuries?

It was a key coal mining center

the growth of insurance in the 17th century reflects

the risks of the rapidly growing maritime transportation of goods

The bank of england was established in what year?


Which of the following is true about the Bank of England?

All the above

______ became the primary method of payment between merchants in early-modern europe.

Bills of exchange

The civil war in france in the 17th century was called?


the Fronde helped to lead to

absolutist style rule in france

The glorious revolution ended the reign of which english monarch?

James II

The glorious revolution in England signaled

All the above

which french king used the palace of versailles to help limit the power of the nobility?

Louis XIV

Louis XIV and his ministers succeeded in

all of the above

Who revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685?

Louis XIV

isaac Newton achieved all of the following except?

Helped establish the science of Chemistry

What english scientist developed the theory of universal gravitation?

Issac Newton

The Civil war in france in the 17th century was called?


The war of Austrian succession began in what year?


The war of austrian succession brought many europe countries into conflict over whose succession to the vast hapsburg lands?

Maria Theresa

Maria theresa inherited the throne of ______ in 1740?

The australian empire

The seven years' war brought together as allies which traditional enemies? q

France and Austria

The seven years' war signaled the rise of which european power?


Which european conflict brought about a sustained period of peace and reform in eastern europe?

The seven years' war

peter the great was the ruler of which european country in the 18th century?


What was the focus of peter the Great's reforms?

increasing military efficienty

which of peter the greats reforms created an official hierarchy of state, establishing the social rank of every subject in his kingdom?

Table of Ranks

What earned king frederick II the title " the great"

His military prowess

Who modernized the prussian state, including codifying it laws, abolishing torture, and instituting more efficient agricultural techniques?

Frederick the Great

" Great Britain" was formed in 1707 by the unification of which two kingdoms?

England and scotland

The american revolutionary war was fought between the american colonists and which european power?


Which issue with Britain most upset the American colonists leading up to the American Revolutionary War?


Britain enacted a series of new taxes and duties on the American colonies in the 1760's to help pay for the costs in which war?

7 years war

Voltaire was the pen name of which enlightenment philosopher?

Francois-marie Arouet

Voltaire's writings were very influential in which historical event?

French revolution

Voltaire was especially known for_____?

challenging all existing forms of authority

the first encyclopedia was edited by which french philosopher?

Denis Diderot

in the 18th century the Bastille in paris was

all of the above

The bastille was attacked and overrun by parisian shopkeepers, tradesmen, and wage-earners on _____?

July 14, 1789

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