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Chapter 15


part of the neuron that sends messages to surrounding neurons or body organs


organ that sends and receives messages to and from all body parts


brain part that helps make you movements smooth and graceful rather than robotlike


brain part that control thought, reason, and the senses


parts of the neuron that receive messages from nearby neurons

diabetes mellitus

disease that results when the pancreas doesn't make enough insuiln

endocrine system

made of small glands that make chemicals for carrying messages through the body


chemicals made in one part of an organism that affect other parts of the organism


homone that lets your body cells take in glucose and sugar from your blood


brain part that controls heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure


many neurons bunched together

nervous system

made of cells and organs that let an animal detect changes and respond to them


nerve cells


an endocrine gland that forms many different hormones;
the master gland


protective reactions that occur within the nervous system

spinal cord

part that carries messages from the brain to body nerves or from body nerves to the brain


small space between the axon of one neuron and the dendrite of a nearby neuron

thyroid gland

an important endocrine gland found near the lower part of your neck


the hormone that controls how fast your cells release energy from food


the action of an organisms because of a change in its environment

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