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Greek word for city-state


a foreigner or person from another city-state in Athens; 12% of population

Council of 500 people

randomly chosen citizens to interpret the law: decide guilt or innocence


all citizens of Athens; met every nine days to vote on proposed laws


ATHENS: most people were farmers
People traded items with people within the city-state
Coins made trading easier allowed the purchase of any product


Sacred places for people praying to the gods to pray


A flat topped fortified hill in the middle of Athens- Parthenon sat on top (could be seen by everyone)


60 foot high temple built to honor Athena- most beautiful building in Ancient Greece


Persian leader during the battle of marathon


Persian leader during the battle of thermopolae


Doctor who thought that there were other causes than the gods for things that happened
Hippocratic oath still used today

King Philip II

Alexander the greats father

Alexander The Great

King Philip II son fought with his soldiers conquered Persia and greece


One of the leading Greek Philosopher others were PLATO AND THALES


Great Farmers
Great Naval Merchant fleet
Minoan Women had plenty of rights (sports hunting ect..)
Natural disasters eventually destroyed Minoans (tidal waves volcanic eruptions ASH)


Had few natural resources (caused a lot of trade and war to get food)


Government leader who took power by force; rules single handedly


a sad play where hero is brought to ruin by flaw


Invaded and conquered the Mycenaeans and Minoans leading Greece into it's DARK AGE

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