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arthropods may have either an open or closed circulatory system


the bodies of arthropods are encased in a shell-like exoskeleton


the swimmerets of lobsters and crayfish are attached to their thorax


insects were the first animals to evolve wings


butterflies undergo incomplete metamorphosis


the appendages of arthropodds may serve as

walking legs, modified into antennae and into large pincers

Annelids and arthropods both have

segmented body patterns

characteristice of arthropods include

a segmentation, a chitinous exoskeleton and jointerf appendages

Lobsters, insects, and spiders are all examples of


Crabs, lobsters, shrimp and barnacles are members of the subphylum


Spiders, acorpions and mites belong to the subphylum


the name millipede means

thousand feet

the m ost diverse group of animals on earth are the


Arthropods have an external skeleton called the

exo skeleton

insects, millipedes and centepedes belong the subphylum


crustaceans breath with aid of


the nam ______________ means hundred feet


the first terrestrial organisms that were able to fly were the


insects that undergo _________________ metamorphosis hatch as nymphs


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