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APES Ch 18- Conservation of Biodiversity

APES vocab from Friedland and Relyea
inbreeding depression
decrease in fertility and survival because of inbreeding
alien species
species that do not naturally occur within an area and that have usually arrived in the area as a result of human intervention (whether deliberate or accidental) [i.e. honey bees, red foxes, green iguanas]
invasive species
species that enter new ecosystems and multiply, harming native species and their habitats [i.e. iguanas, cockroach, princess tree]
red list
A list of worldwide threatened species maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature
Developed in 1973 to control international trade of threatened plants and animals.
Lacey Act
passed in 1900, the act prohibites the trade of illegally harveted game animals, primarily bids and mammals across state lines
convention on biological diversity
1992- an international treaty that aims to conserve biodiversity, sustainably use biodiversity, and equitably share the benefits of commercial use of genetic resources such as drugs. They identified the scary extinction trends in 2002.
biosphere reserves
Protected areas divided into zones with different purposes