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AP Psych People

Roger Sperry
Split-brain surgery to help epilepsy
Jean Piaget
four stages of COGNITIVE development - sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete, Formal.
Some People Can't Fart
Erik Erikson
eight stages of SOCIAL development
Lawrence Kohlberg
three stages of MORAL development (not very valid)
Konrad Lorentz
Imprinting studies. baby animals' survival mechanism
Jerome Kagan
In-born temperament may explain many behaviors
Harry Haslow
importance of physical touch over nourishment in monkeys (the monkey guy)
Mary Ainsworth
Secure infants have good bonds with mothers and vice versa
Eleanor Gibson
visual cliff experiment- depth perception cues are innate
Hubel and Weisel
Monkeys have feature detectors to aid in visual processing
Ernest Hilgard
"hidden observer" - some subconscious control during hypnosis
Ivan Pavlov
classical conditioning
Robert Rescorla
conscious connections between CS and UCS in classical conditioning
John B. Watson
controversial Little Albert classical conditioning experiment
B. F. Skinner
Skinner Box- operant conditioning
Albert Bandura
Bo-Bo Doll experiment- children imitate antisocial behavior
Wolfgang Kohler
insight in apes when they used a stick to grab a banana they couldn't reach
modern IQ formula-metal age/chronological age x 100
David Wechsler
modern IQ tests- specialized subtests and use of factor analysis
James Lange
physical before cognitive
Cannon Bard
emotions and cognitive at the same time
emotions have both a physical and cognitive component
Maslow and Rogers
Humanistic perspective and therapy
Aaron Beck
Cognitive theory
Albert Ellis
rational emotive therapy (RET) is Cognitive
Eysenck and Myers-Briggs
Personality tests to validate Trait perspective
General Adaptation Syndrome (stress responses)
Solomon Asch
line test- group conformity
Stanley MIlgram
Conformity test to show the power of an authority figure
Muzafer Sherif
Co-operation among decisive groups when they had shared goals
Elizabeth Loftus
misinformation effect in memory studies
Martin Seligmans
learned helplessness experiment- external locus of control (in dogs)
Carol Gilligan
gender differences: males=accomplishments and females=relationships