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Texas Government Test 4

As creations of the state, counties are responsible for
enforcing state law, keeping many state records such as titles and deeds, collecting many state taxes, and conducting state elections
Every county in Texas, regardless of its size, is divided into
Four precients
County commissioners in Texas are elected by
precinct in partisan elections
An official who presides over the county commissioners court is
county judge
Except in the few counties using a unit system, the construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges is the responsibility of
individual county commissioners
Who is responsible for recording all legal county documents
County clerk
A typical county spends the largest share of its budget on
health and welfare programs
The most numerous type of government in Texas is
special districts
When cities are allowed to write their own constitutions in the form of a city charter they are called
home-rule cities
Cities in Texas with a population over ------ may choose to form their own city charters
The form of municipal government in which the council acts as a policymaking body and appoints a chief administrator for the city is the
In a strong mayor-council form of municipal government, the mayor
has the power to appoint and remove other city executives.
The city of ------ is the only large city in Texas that uses the mayor-council form of municipal government.
Criticisms of council-manager government include
a) the manager is not directly responsible to the voters which of the following and (b) the values of the business community tend to be promoted.
The ------ is said to have originated in Galveston near the turn of the century
commission form of government
Cities in Texas derive their revenues from
sales taxes, property taxes, user fees, and intergovernmental transfers.
----- is not a major item of expenditure for cities in Texas
Advocates of district elections argue that
(a) minorities and people without personal wealth have a better chance of being elected in district elections, (b) individuals elected in district elections are more likely to address the problems of the district, and (c) district elections are more likely to represent all political viewpoints.
In response to the tight revenue picture that cities face, cities ---- taken over certain private sector functions in order to gain economies of scale.
have not
The type of municipal election in which voters choose all of the members of the city council and vote for as many candidates as there are positions on the council is called an ----- system
It is believed that nonpartisan elections
may enhance the community's ability to effectively criticize the government in power.
Special districts have the advantage of
(a) being easy to establish and operate, (b) offering great flexibility to governmental organizations, (c) being able to remove technical problems from the political arena, and (d) bypassing the legal and organizational limitations of existing governments.
Councils of Government (COGs) function as
planning and coordinating bodies for local governments.
The number of school districts has been ----- in recent years
The loss of population in metropolitan areas has not affected and will not affect
local government
Every county in Texas is divided into ---- precincts, each of which elects a ----
four, commissioner
Loving County has less than -- residents
However county officials are responsible for -------, they are not carefully supervised by state officials
administrating state laws and programs
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in ----- County that the precincts from which members of the county commissioners courts are elected must conform to the ----- rule.
Avery v. Midland, one person-one vote
The qualifications for county judge do not include
experience in the practice of law
The state legislature determines the ----- that counties can set
maximum property tax rates
County politics is characterized by
partisanship, precincts, and a long ballot
---- permits city governments to exercise some control over development in areas just beyond city boundaries
Extraterritorial jurisdiction
----- has been used by Texas cities as a means of avoiding the erosion of the tax base caused by the migration of the middle class to the ---
Annexation, suburbs
The ---- is not the most commonly used form of city government among home-rule municipalities in Texas.
mayor-council form
Proponents of ---- claim that it allows the separation of politics and administration and is, therefore, efficient
council-manager government
All city council elections in Texas are not conducted in ---
partisan form
Councils of Governments (COGs) are designed to ----
provide coordination between governments in metropolitan areas
The --- presides over and participates fully in the decisions of the commissioners court and receives, presents, and forwards to the secretary of state all election returns
county judge
Counties depend heavily on
local property taxes and on intergovernmental transfers
---- are two features of county government that illustrate its tendency toward inefficient management
Decentralized purchasing and the road and bridge system
A ----- is a unit of local government created by an act of the legislature to perform limited functions
special district