27 terms

english on the watsons go to birmingham chapters 1-4

Someone who is prompt ready and quick
A lng heavy snowstorm
Having a squinting eye
Intellectual, Describing someone who is smart not a nice comment
To try to be like or better than someone
A paper that is coated with a sticky substance, ofen used to kill flys
To be injured by the cold or by frost/snow
An insalt to someone who has a big head
Of or realtaing to an enemy ofen defensive towards another person
Faxated by a spell
Juvenile Delinquent
A person under the agte of 18 and has bad behavior is considered a juvenile delinquent, usually boys are juvenile delinquents
THe nature of a miracle
Excited or easily excited, stonge feelings of or toward something/someone
Jell that you put in your hair
THe act of reinforcing, also known as back up
Barely enough
A device that automatically controls tempature
Wilona ( Mama )
Daniale ( Dad )
Larry Dunn
Rufus Fry
Cody Fry
Main Character
Minor Character
Minor Character
Main Character
Minor Character
Minor Character
Minor Character/Main Character
Main Character
Minor Character
Who is hambone henderson
Hambon henderson is a guy that perposed to mama ( wilona ) buy she said no cause she was already married to dad ( daniel )
Why does kenny the narrater sayu that Byron is a juvenile delinquent
kenny says that because he is kind of a bully at school and he has bad behavior like skipping school etc;
How did Mama and Dad react to Byron getting his lips stuck to the car mirror
Mama was worried for Byron, and Dad thought it was funny
Who is larry dunn
larry dun is the bully in the fourth grade
Why is kenny relieved when rufus and cody appear on the school bus. What does kenny mean by 2 miracles
Kenny is relieved because now he wont be the laughin g stock of the school and people might stop teasing and being meant to him for a while. He considers them 2 miracles because they were brothers that look exactly alike so they would both get teased
Why was rufus so upset
He was up set because larry dunn made a joke about him and kenny his friend laughed
Why are kenny and Joetta the warmest kids i9n clark elementary?
they are the warmest because the mother bondles them up
How did kenny feel about what happened to larry dunn about the gloves
Kenny feels that he shouldn't haver told Byron about what happened cause larry dunn and byron got in a fight
What example of figurative language
"You were the cryingest clown there ever was"
It is an idium
It means that kenny cryed more than a hurt clown does