9 terms

Herbs, Spices, Minerals

leaves of shrubs/plants. nat antioxs and vits. bright stems good, use immediately or wrap in damp towel in sealed container up to 5 days
come from roots, barks, buds, seed, berries, fruit of tropical trees, plants, and shrubs. more intense flavor than herbs
crystals formed by different geological processe, mined or produced by evaporating water
flavoring agents
art or nat subs added to foods
herb/spice market forms
whole, ground, granulated, extracted, blends
salt funtions
prevents mold/bac growth, brakes chem rxns produced by yeast in baked goods, brightens colors, decreases sourness and increases sweetness
types of salt
canned/pickling, coarse, flake, grinder, kosher, popcorn, rock, sea, table
smoke pts of fats/oils
highest to lowest
safflower (513), sunflower, soybean, canola, corn, peanut, sesame, olive, lard, shortening, butter (350)
sour wine; <18% alcohol wine exposed to air, bac in air reacts with residual yeast to create mother(layer of mold) which reacts with alcohol to change into acetic acid