11 terms

chapter 26 medical coding

how many glands are enocrine system of the boddy
what does the peripheral nervous system refer to
conats of nerves and ganglia outside of the brain and spinal cord
what are shunts used for
relieve pressure in the brain caused by fluid build up
what proceudre is often done with a laminectomy
what is neurplasty
decompression of intact nerves
the endocrine subsection of the cpt manual contains codes for how many endocrine glands
what is the most commonly known neuroplastic procedure
carpal tunnel surgery
what two words in the endocrine system mean "something less than the total"
subtotal and partial
addition grafting is required commonly when reporting which procedure
crainlectpmy and crainiotomy
know the different procdures involved in the surgery of skill base
approach- obtain esbosure of lesion
defintive- done to the lesion
what are intitals for a shunting procedure