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fat soluble vitamins test

what happens to FSV in the intestrinal entrocyte
incorporated into chylomicrons
FSV enter circulation
in chylomicrons bound to specific proteins
what organ primarily takes up FSV
the liver
FSV arrive to the liver as
chylomicrom remnints or attached to lipoproteins
what protein complexes with retinol in the liver and is a part of the complex that moves retinol to extrahepatic tisssues to be utilized
Retinal binding Protein
How does infection affect the concentration of this protein in the plasma
infection decreases circulaiton of albumin and RBP
what are the implications of infection for assessing vitamin A status
infections casues vitamin A to seem insufficient
in developing countries vitamin A deficiency is primary or secondary
what vitamin A is a component of rhodopsin
what vitamin A is a ligand of RXR
9-cis-retinoic acid
what vitamin A is in high cncentrations in macular pigment
what vitamin A is prefered for abs by entrocyte and ciculates in blood
what are the 4 physiological roles of vitamin A
cell proliferation (gene)
Formation of rhodopsin (signal)
cell differentiation (gene)
antioxidant power
what is the UL for vitamin A for pregnant women based on
teratogenic effects
what foods are high in leutein
kale and other greens
tomatoes are high in this carotenoid
which retinoid receptos is the "master regulator"
Vitamin D status is measured with
25 (OH) cholecalciferol
25 (OH) cholecalciferol is made in
the liver
what D metabolite is the active form of vitamin D
calcitriol ( 1,25 (OH) cholecalciferol)
what D metabolite is synthesized in the kidney
24,25 (OH) cholecalciferol
who is at rick for D deficiency
obese (D stored in adipose)
Breast fed infants (low D in Milk)
Dark Skin (less light abs)
higher latitudes (sun angle)
what hormone senses low serum calcium and increse productino of active vitamin D
what is a non-genomic way vitamin D incease serum calcium
vitamin D opens voltage-gates Ca and Cl channels
genomic means by which D increase serum calcium
Calcitriol induces productino of proteins in costeoblasts
what 4 isomers of alpha tocopherol are included in DRI definition
why does a lack of functional alpha tocopherol transfer protein lead to E deficiency
needed to package tocopherol into VLDL for export
teo mechanisms favor alpha tocopherol to other forms
regeneration of tocopherol via vitamin C
glutathione reductase
what results in Vitamin E deficiency
Cystic FIbrosis
non genetic cause of vitamin E deficiency
unique anti-oxidant properties of E
lipid soluble free radical chain breaking antiooxidant (prevents damage to lipids)
what phase of lipid peroxidation involves vitamin E as scavenger of PUFA radicals
what phase of lipid pexidation if enhanced by metal ions
what compunds reduces tocopheroxyl redicals
ascorbic acid
UL for E is based on the risk of
what biochemical conversion requires K
carboxylationof flutamic acid to Gla
what term is used for K requires proteins that are found when K is deficient
vitamin K requiring proteins synthesized outside the liver may be involved in
chroni illnesses such as cardiovascular disease osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease
vitamin K biomarker found in bone
vitamin K biomarker essential for blood clotting
how do high K intake overcome therapeutic effects of coumadin
the body regenerates used vitamin K, coumadin stops regeneration. if intake of K is sufficient the drug is negated.