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is air that is moving parallel to the ground(air that moves up or down is not called wind)

global winds

move across the entire planet
cover large areas
can not always feel them on the ground
blow at same speed and in the same direction

local winds

move across small areas
blow low in atmosphere
can always feel then on the ground

how can you measure wind

anemometer- measures how fast wind blows
wind vane- tells which direction the wind is going in

in which atmospheric layer does the temp. decrease as altitude increase

-thermoshpere/ stratoshere


thin layer of air that protects the earth's surface from extreme temperature and harmful sun rays

atmospheric pressure

molecules closer to the surface are now more densely packed then those higher in the atmosphere because of the mass of gases pressing down from higher in the atmosphere

how many layers are in the atmosphere


solids include

dust, salt and pollen

liquids include

water droplets,and droplets from volcanoes

what forms smug

pollutants mixed together with oxygen and other chemicals

atmospheric gases include

nitrogen (78)
oxygen (21)
carbon dioxide, water vapor, argon (0-4)

ozone layer

protects earth from harmful rays

volcanoes produce

nitrogen and carbon dioxide but little oxygen


contains water vapor and asses
where planes fly
where weather takes place


protects from sun
contains ozone layer


coldest region
meteors are visible


temp. is high
rays from sun are absorbed


very few molecules
largest layer
space station


radio waves travel
in between thermoshere and mespshere




moves through gasses and liquids
needs molecules


moves through solids
needs molecules

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