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  1. The Magic Mountain
  2. Faust
  3. Othello
  4. The Brothers Karamazov
  5. Paradise Lost
  1. a Alexei Fyodorovich, Dmitri Fyodorovich, Ivan Fyodorovich, Fyodor Pavlovich
  2. b Hans Castrop, Lodovico Settembrini, Leo Naphta, Mynheer Peeperkorn
  3. c Satan, Adam, Eve, God
  4. d Desdemona, Iago, Michael Cassio, Roderigo
  5. e Mephistopheles, Gretchen, Marthe, Valentin

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  1. Edward Fairfax Vere, John Claggart, The Dansker, The Ship's Surgeon
  2. Rosalind, Orlando, Duke Senior, Jaques
  3. Edward Rochester, St. John Rivers, Mrs. Reed, Bessie Lee
  4. Hepzibah Pyncheon, Clifford Pyncheon, Jaffrey Pyncheon, Holgrave
  5. Amelia Sedley, Becky Sharp, Rawdon Crawley, George Osbourne

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  1. The StrangerMeursault, Marie Cardona, Raymond Sintes, The Chaplain


  2. The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnWidow Douglas, Miss Watson, Jim, Pap


  3. The Merry Wives of WindsorMistress Ford, Mistress Page, Falstaff, Ford


  4. The Call of the WildCharles Darnay, Sydney Carton, Doctor Manette, Monsieur Defarge


  5. The Count of Monte CristoEdmond Dantes, Lord Wilmore, Abbe Busoni, Sinbad the Sailor