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Media and Society test 4

The Industrial Revolution gave birth to _____________, a system that creates and encourages the purchase of goods and services in increasing amounts.
In the 20th century this media ownership model, in which a single entity owns the majority of the media industries in its market, emerged as the dominant model of mass media in the US.
__________, who has "become one of the most famous, albeit controversial conservative online commentators in America, never went to journalism school and spent time early on in his career as a telemarketer.
Matthew Drudge
Who was the famous country music star, best known for his Beverly Hillbillies theme and three finger style of banjo playing, who died last week?
Earl Scruggs
What was one of the talents guest speakers Brittany Herrington and Kevin Solomon said was necessary for a broadcast journalist/producer to have?
Ability to read people
Comcast became the top TV network by its purchase of 51% of what network?
Why is the De Beers Diamond campaign considered the best of the last century?
It made diamonds the jewel of choice.
The dominant U.S. media business model is known as the ___________________.
market model
In 1982 USA Today was launched. USA Today was launched by
Al Neuharth
Advertisers often run sophisticated studies that look at individuals' lifestyles, values, attitudes and personalities. Studies of this nature are known as
In 1941, this young director, hit a roadblock when William Randolph Hearst attempted to buy and later destroy all copies of his recently produced film before its release.
Orson Wells
The new technologies encompassed by society have had a huge impact on what we call journalism. Which of the following statements is most true?
The practice of journalism has become an extraordinarily public endeavor.
Freddie Mac created its own TV show to attract potential Hispanic homebuyers. The show's producers patterned their programming in a way similar to what storytelling device popular in Hispanic media?
What is the hardest part of producing a documentary, according to Keith Farrell?
Getting financial support
Traditional mediation of news stories has become limited by the "new" 24/7 news cycle. Which of the following is a good reason for the limit?
Editors have limited time to select and focus their stories before they are published.
While it appears that Starbucks makes money by selling cups of coffee, at its core, the Starbucks "product" is really the ____________payoff that results from a manufactured cultural experience.
Short-tail journalism is a term borrowed from the field of economics. Which of the following is not a typical short-tail journalism operation?
MSNBC, the website
How many delegates are needed to cinch the Republican Presidential nomination?
Among the ads considered the best in the last century, what was a characteristic they shared?
This store has become the largest legal supplier of downloadable music on the Internet.
Apple Computer iTunes
Journalists have traditionally followed the well established path of the five W's (and one H) of journalism. Which of the following is not one of the five W's?
This is the foundational marketing and advertising means of the Digital Age. It creates more carefully directed messages that are targeted to smaller, more clearly defined audience segments.
Hearst, Pulitzer, and Scripps built their newspapers, in part, due to the new electronic media that facilitated the sale of news between publishers. These agencies were known as
wire services
All of the following news operations are considered to be pioneers in journalism's adaptation to the 24/7 news cycle except
The Los Angeles Times
Katie Stambeck spoke to the class about preparing for a public relations career. What was one of the activities she suggested could be helpful for a career?
Work with campus organizations
The ____________ stage, known traditionally as the principal photography stage, is usually the most costly and resource-intensive stage of any mass media project.
A journalistic business that does not produce its own stories or perform its own journalism, but instead only compiles and presents news from other sites is called
news aggregator sites
Google has developed the world's largest Internet-ad placement services, also known as _______________. With these services, advertisers pay for ad placements that match keyword searches that appear next to search results.
long-tail advertising
One company can maximize its profits when it operates and controls all of the means of production, distribution, and exhibition for a large segment of the mass media. This is called
vertical integration
Websites like Google News and InForm make their money by distributing materials they've sorted from other websites. These sites are controversial because of which of the following types of legal rulings.
Copyright law
The type of communication that concentrates on persuading clients to support a very specific issue such as a cause or a social movement.
During much of the golden age of Hollywood, the ________________ comprised a handful of enormous movie studios that virtually ruled the entire film industry.
studio system
The widespread use of the Internet by Americans offer a great opportunity to practice journalism by people who have little or no formal journalistic education or training.
These individuals are called:
citizen journalists
The name of the unethical billing practice where website owners hire services to create large runs of repetitive, automated link clicks --thus giving a false representation of the number of real-page views.
By increasing production levels and sometimes expanding business, a dominant, vertically integrated company may make it extremely difficult for smaller, less integrated competitors to
compete with it. This is due to what is called
economies of scale
Today's journalists need to be multimedia journalists. In 2008 CNN announced it would start hiring employees who could enhance the changing industry. They advertised for
employees they called
all-platform journalists
According to Keith Farrell, what is easier to do, move from drama to documentaries or move from documentaries to dramas?
move from documentaries to dramas
The name of the highly effective way of creating audience affinity with a product or message without direct commercial advertising. It comprises the mixing of identifiable products and brands into entertainment programming.
product placement
The News Corporation, one of the top 10 global media conglomerates in the world today was founded in 1980 by this Australian media entrepreneur
Rupert Murdoch
The name of the funds collected by media companies as a result of selling products and content directly to the consumer through a combination of sales.
Direct media revenues
In 1964, Lyndon Johnson's campaign created this highly controversial and highly effective political ad.
Daisy Girl
New journalism is causing revolutionary change to the field of journalism ethics. Which of the following is not a basic principle of journalistic ethics?
Race and Gender
This former newspaper reporter took on the job of cleaning up the public image of large American companies in the early 1900s and simultaneously established public relations as a separate profession.
Ivy Ledbetter Lee
The name of a business unit which is formed by smaller competitors which join forces with other smaller operators to form a cooperative able to better compete with media giants
CNN was founded by
Ted Turner
The activity which focuses on communicating the interests, concerns, and issues pertinent to particular individuals and organizations to local, state, and national legislatures.
While media companies produce content useful for our entertainment or information, they must also fulfill their ____________________ responsibility to the shareholders who
own the corporations themselves.