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Inbound replication is when a domain controller transmits replication information to other domain controllers.
T or F


Active Directory relies on DNS to provide a locator service for clients on the network
T or F


You can launch the Active Directory Installation Wizard using the dcpromo.exe command-line tool or from the Server Manager utility that's installed in the Administrative Tools folder of each Windows Server 2008 server.
T or F


For domain Controllers to register their records with DNS at startup, dynamic updates must be allowed
T or F


Domain controllers located in different sites will participate in intrasite replication.
T or F


When replicating information between sites, Active Directory will designate a bridgehead server in each site to act as a gatekeeper in managing site-to-site replication
T or F


The guiding principle involved in the KCC's selection of replication partners and its creation of replication objects is the "Rule of Four" which states that no single domain controller should be more than four network hops away from any domain controller that can originate a change to the Active Directory database.
T or F


The default cost of any new site link is 100
T or F


What allows business to define, manage, access, and secure network resources including files, printers, people and applications?

directory service

A Windows Server 2008 computer that has been configured with the Active Directory DS role is referred to as a ________

domain controller

The process of keeping each domain controller in synch with changes that have been made elsewhere on the network is called ___________


Which of the following is not a benefit of Active Directory Domain Services?

personalized desktops

The __________ Domain Controller contains a copy of the ntds.dit file that cannot be modified and does not replicate its changes to other domain controllers written Active Directory


What contains the rules and definitions that are used for creating and modifying object classes and attributes within Active Directory?

Schema NC

A ________ is defined as one or more IP subnets that are connected by fast links.


A __________ name references an object in the Active Directory Directory structure by using its entire hierarchical path, starting with the object itself and including all parent objects up to the root of the domain.


What locator records witin DNS allow clients to locate an Active Directory domain controller or global catalog?

SRV records

Which functional level only allows Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 domain controllers?

Windows Server 2003

To raise the functional level of a forest, you must be logged on as a member of the ______ group.

Enterprise Admins

What type of trust is new to Windows Server 2008 and is only available when the forest functionality is set to Windows Server 2008?

cross-forest trust

When a child domain is created, it automatically receives a _________ trust with its parent domain.

two-way transitive

What is the process of replicating DNS informatino from one DNS server to another?

zone transfer

_________roles work together to enable the multimaster functionality of Active Directory.


________ partitions are used to seperate forest-wide DNS information from domain-wide DNS information to control the scope of replication of different types of DNS data.

Application Directory

What processes can be used by Windows Server 2008 DNS to clean up the DNS database after DNS records become "stale" or out of date?

aging and scavenging

What type of zone is necessary for computer hostname-to-IP address mappings, which are used for name resolution by a variety of services?

forward lookup

Read-Only Domain Controllers provide added security in the way passwords are stored through what feature?

Password Replication Policy

Each class or attribute that you add to the schema should have a valid ______


What role provides developers with the ability to store data for directory-enabled applications without incurring the overhead of extending the Active Directory schema to support their applications?


What type of trust allows you to configure trust relationships between Windows Server 2008 Active Directory and UNIX MIT Kerberos realm?


What command-line tool is used to create, delete, verify, and reset trust relationships from the Windows Server 2008 command line?


Active Directory_________provide the means by which administratory can control replicatino traffic.


How often does intersite replication occur by default?

15 minutes

When replicating informatinon between sites, Active Directory will designate a __________server in each site to act as a gatekeeper in managing site-to-site replication.


What describes the amount of time that it takes for all domain controllers in the environment to contain the most up-to-date information?


Certain operations such as a password change or an account lockout, will be transmitte by using ________replication, which means that the change will be placed at the "beginning of the line" and applied before any other changes that are waiting to be replicated.


What process is resonsible for selecting the bridgehead server and mapping the topology to be used for replication between sites?

Intersite Topology Generator

For both intrasite and intersite replication, what protocol does Active Directory use for all replication traffic?

RPC over IP

What defines a chain of site links by which domain controllers from different sites can communicate?

site link bridge

What command-line tool used for monitering Active Directory provides functionality that includes performing connectivity and replication tests?


Each comain controller actively participates in storing, modifying, and maintaining the Active Directory database information that is stored on each domain controller in a file called___________


__________is a file share that is created on every Active Directory domain controller, the contents of which are replicated to every domain controller in the domain.


The first domain controller installed in a new Active Directory forest will hold all of the Flexible Single________Operation roles, which are specific server roles that work together together to enable the multimaster functionality of Actove Directory.


Because Server Core does not support graphical utlities, such as Server Manager and the Active Directory Installation Wizard you need to run dcpromo from the command line using an ________installation, which uses a specially formatted text file to a specfy the necessary installation options.


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