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Developmental Milestones Infants- retry

can turn head from side to side when prone; lifts head momentarily from bed
one month
actively holds rattle but will not reach for it
three months
vocalizes, distinct from crying
two months
locates sound by turning head to side and looking in same direction
three months
squeals aloud to show pleasure
three months
laughs aloud
four months
able to grasp objects voluntarily
five months
sits, leaning forward on both hands
seven months
sits steadily unsupported
eight months
begins to imitate sounds
six months
babbling resembles 1-syllable utterances-- ma, mu, da, di, hi
six months
briefly searches for dropped object (object permanence beginning)
six months
increasing fear of strangers; shows signs of fretfulness when parent disappears
seven months
produces vowel sounds and chained syllables-- baba, dada, kaka
seven months
cruises or walks holding onto furniture or with both hands held
eleven months
birth length increased by 50%
twelve months
searches for object even if it has not been hidden, but searches only where object was last seen
twelve months