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Marketing 12

promotion mix
(marketing communication mix)The combination of promotional tools an organization uses
Message that is carried by a non-personal medium and identified by a sponsor
advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, & direct marketing
What promotion mix consists of:
sales promotion
Short term activities and offers, intended to increase purchases
public relations
Managed efforts to create a message to be carried by a non-personal medium delivered by a third party and non-paid for by the sponsor stories, and events.
personal selling
Person to person interaction between a buyer and seller
direct marketing
any activity that directly links manufacturers with consumer
broadcasting; narrowcasting
Companies are doing less ________ and more ________ as a result of an explosion of more focused media that better match today's targeting strategies.
personal selling
Which promotional tool is most effective in building up buyers' preferences, convictions, and, most importantly, actions?
integrated marketing communications (IMC)
carefully integrating and coordinating the company's communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its products
one that meets its objectives
A good advertisement is.....
1. Generate attention
2. Be understood
3. Be believed
4. Be remembered
A good advertisement is expected to:
Specific Communication Task
Accomplished with a specific Target audience
During a specific period of Time
3 T's: Specifying Advertising Objectives
Informative Advertising
Building Primary demand, advertising that benefits consumers by giving information about a product
Persuasive Advertising
Build Secondary/Selective demand, communication used to motivate consumers to take action
Comparison Advertising
Comparing one Brand to Another
Reminder Advertising
Keeps consumers thinking about a product
2 major ad decisions
1. Plan the message strategy
2. Choose an ad advertising appeal that is:
1. Plan the message strategy
a. Identify customer benefits
b. Develop compelling creative concept - the 'Big Idea'
2. Choose an ad advertising appeal that is:
a. Meaningful
b. Believable
c. Distinctive
Rational Appeal
Focus on customers
Practical utility oriented needs
Emotional Appeal
focus on customers psychological
needs and feelings
pull; push
Business-to-consumer companies are more likely to emphasize a ________ promotion strategy, while business-to-business companies are more likely to emphasize a ________ promotion strategy.
ad objectives
________ define the task that advertising must do with a specific target audience during a specific period of time.
integrated method
A company decides on its promotion budget by using four common methods to set the total budget for advertising
media planning
Soaring media costs, focused target marketing strategies, and the growing array of new media have increased the importance of ________.
audience quality
n selecting media vehicles, the planner must balance media cost measures against several media impact factors. First, the planner should balance costs against the media vehicle's ________.