30 terms

Exam 3

Protein produced by the fat cells under the direction of the ob gene is called: The more ____ you have the less likely you will gain weight
Under the fat cell metabolism theory, if you have more of this enzyme you have greater fat storage:
lipoprotein lipase
Gastric Bypass surgery is recommended for only people with a BMI greater than:
Hyponatremia refers to a low blood level of:
What is the classification of a person who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and 202 lbs?
Healthy Weight
If a dancer and a typist are the same height and have the same exact body build the dancer will be heavier because she has ____?
more muscle mass
A set of problems experienced by young female athletes that include eating disorder, amenorrhea and osteoporosis is known as:
female athlete triad
Athletes can safely add muscle tissue by:
putting a demand on muscles by make in them work harder
if you are trying to achieve cardiorespirtory fitness what intensity are you working at?
at 55-90% maximum heart rate
Which two minerals are critical for athletes:
iron and calcium
What instrument is used to measure the energy content of foods?
Bomb calorimeter
When a marathon runner experiences the phenomenon known at "hitting the wall", what nutrient is most likely depleted?
All lower BMR except:
The BMR comprises which percentage of daily energy needs:
A female weighing 175 pounds would have a BMR of:
In calculating calories, a male of very light activity level would multiply the BMR by which factor:
John needs about 2200 calories a day. How much would he need to consider for the calories lost in dietary thermogenesis:
What would the BMI be for someone who is 5'7" tall and weighing 175 pounds?
Looking at the answer in #18 what guideline would they fall under:
Research in obese people seems to show that there is no increase in the risks for strokes and hypertension provided that the excess body fat is distributed around the?
hips and thighs
For every decade beyond the age of 30, what is the percentage decrease in the need for total kcalories?
Sports drinks begin to provide an advantage over plain water for athletes when their exercise periods first exceed?
45 minutes
Mary Jo wants to lose 1/2 pound per week. Her daily caloric needs are 2000. How many calories should she follow per day to achieve her weekly weight loss goal?
What is the major factor that determines metabolic rate or impacts it?
amount of lean body tissue
What is the safe rate of weight loss on a long term basis for most overweight people?
.5-2lbs a week
If you cycle for 10 minutes your fuel source for most of this activity came from:
What percentage of calories should come from carbohydrates in an athlete?
If you went running for 40 minutes your fuel source after the first 20 minutes came from:
For maximum benefits, cardiorespiratory endurance episodes should be sustained for at least?
20 minutes
The theory that believes the body tries very hard to maintain a certain weight...almost like a thermostat is which?
set point