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Essay Questions

List and describe the 3 legs of the Triangular Trade system.
Between the Americas, Europe, and Africa. The Americas traded with Europe (goods). Europe traded with Africa (manufactured goods and enslaved people). Africa traded with the Americas (enslaved Africans).
List and describe 3 similarities between the Muslim gunpowder empires.
All of their early conquests and continued strength depended on the effective use of firearms, they were all ruled by absolute monarchs, and were all divided by the Shia and Sunni split.
List and describe the interactions between Asia and Portugal.
Portugal found a sea route, Melaka, to the fabled Spice Islands in Asia and seized it right away. The Portuguese didn't have the military or financial resources to take over Melaka all at once, so they set up small settlements along the coast and used them as trading posts.
List and describe European motives for exploration.
The Europeans started to explore distant lands motivated by religions freedom and the promise of gold and glory.
List and describe steps taken by England to gain control of India.
The British East India Company, lead by Sir Robert Clive, succeeded in defeating first the French, then the Moguls in many significant battles for the full control of India.
List and describe three effects of European exploration.
After a Spanish ship carried the first enslaved Africans from Africa to America, the slave trade grew drastically. Africa's population went down because of the slave trade. The Treaty of Tordesillas was created to keep European explorers out of other European explorer's newly discovered land.
List and describe the causes for witch hunting in Europe.
The belief in witchcraft had been a huge part in European religion for centuries. After hearing about witchcraft in church, Europeans took to accusing people of witchcraft and giving them harsh punishments if or if they did not confess to being affiliated with Satan.