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Final Exam

Employers today rely on knowledge workers' _____ skills to keep them competitive.


A general-purpose computer relies on the _____ being used to perform an activity.


A computer relies on the combination of _____ and _____ to operate.

hardware, software

A computer that manages information uses a _____ to organize and deliver it.


What two digits represent the binary number system?

0 and 1

A _____ is an example of a computer assigned to a special task.


One thing to consider when choosing a mobile device is _____.

battery life

The speed of the ____ dictates how fast the processor can process data.

internal clock

Using Moore's Law, we can gauge how ____ processors might be in the coming years.


Integrated circuits are also known as ____.


Most of today's PCs come equipped with at least 512 ____ of video memory.


An example of digital convergence is our smart phone which combines many digital functions into one device.


A bit has two states, left or right.


ASCII is the standard used to represent ____ in digital form—with 1s and 0s.

keyboard characters

The ____ rate for a hard disk drive is much slower than that of solid-state storage.


The task of video _____ is to serve as a buffer between the processor and the monitor.


Video cards have their own _____.


A mouse and a touch pad are examples of ____ devices.


Display size is measured ____.


Large retail stores use _____ terminals to track purchases and inventory.


There are ____ stages to the software development life cycle.


Which of the following is NOT an object-oriented programming language?


A PC comes with all of the following EXCEPT ____.

custom software

Small businesses can take advantage of _____ software in the cloud to keep track of their customers and everyday transactions.


A(n) ____ license defines the permissions, rights, and restrictions provided to the person who purchases a copy of a work.


All of the following are examples of freeware EXCEPT ____.

Microsoft Office

Many in the open-source movement are opposed to ____ software, like that developed by Microsoft.


The ____ license was designed to fill the gap between full copyright and public domain options for authors, artists, and educators.

Creative Commons

If you create, develop, or pay to have a software program written, it becomes your intellectual property.


Shareware is software that is made available to the public at no cost.


A type of computer connection that provides Internet service through a phone line that services both the Interent and your phone is ____.


One feature of Internet2 technology is ____.


The Internet has become an important part of daily life for only businesses and professionals.


Using the Web as a primary user interface to access the Internet is also referred to as ____.

cloud computing

A popular Web server software today is ____.


A cookie file is stored on a user's computer.


Google relies on ____ to relay information related to its mapped software.


Playing online Scrabble with others on the Web at any given time is an example of a ____ gaming experience.


Having a personal Web site that lists your accomplishments can help your job search.


Facebook is a popular Web application.


There is hope that WiMAX technology will help resolve the ____ problem.

last mile

A ____ is considered a telecommunications device that sends and receives signals.

all of the above

____ is a popular cable type used as network backbone by major telecommunications companies.


With the advent of ____ generation technology, broadband Internet services over cellular networks were made available.

fourth (4G)

A pager receives signals from ____.


Tagging a photo with geographic data is known as ____.


With Bluetooth, up to ____ devices can be paired simultaneously.


Items such as a credit cards are beginning to take advantage of RFID technology through the use of a(n) ____ reader.


A ____ Area Network is the interconnection of personal information technology devices, typically wirelessly, within the range of an individual.


Wide Area Networks use telecommunication devices such as ____ to transmit data.


The ____ was the first eBook reading device to gain widespread acceptance.


Only slate devices such as the iPad are capable of supporting eBooks.


An advantage of using a(n) ____ format is its ability to compress CD music files to one tenth their original size.


When you digitize a sound wave, you measure and record its ____ at regular time intervals called the sampling rate.


Designers rely on ____ software to help them build prototypes for further research and testing.


An example of a vector graphic image is ____.

clip art

Digital photography captures, stores, and manipulates photographs digitally as a series of ____.

1s and 0s

All of the following are photo-editing software applications EXCEPT ____.

Adobe Illustrator

The editing tools provided on today's camcorders are as sophisticated and powerful as those provided by video-editing software.


Social networks employ virtual reality to provide an environment in which individuals can interact through the use of ____.


In a database, a collection of related fields that describes some object or activity is referred to as a ____.


Relationships between tables can be illustrated through a(n) ____ relationship diagram.


When building a database, careful consideration must be given to ____.


In a database, your first name would be categorized as a ____.


____ usually involves breaking one table into two or more tables in order to correct a data problem or anomaly.


A database ____ is a graphical representation of the structure of a database.


A schema can stand alone or be part of a database.


On, when the customer is ready to make a purchase, the database ____ manages the entire process.

management system

Installation and ongoing function of software on a database system is the job of the database ____.


A retail store may use the ____ approach to analyze data collected from checkout scanners.


In the ____ form of e-commerce, transactions between businesses across private networks, the Internet, and the Web are supported.


The popularity of ____ e-commerce is a good example of how customers can successfully implement their own sales strategy on the Web.


Companies take advantage of location-based advertising when you visit such sites as ____.

Many e-tail sites support ____ virtual imagery, so you can easily view what you want to purchase in full detail.


Online ____, such as, provide a method for manufacturers to liquidate stock and for consumers to find a good deal.


____ supply management services have played an important role in building relationships between corporate buyers and sellers.


All of the following are technologies that play an important role in e-commerce EXCEPT ____.


Electronic data interchange uses private communications networks called ____ networks.


Hosting companies provide all the necessary software tools to deliver e-commerce applications EXCEPT ____.


Information transmitted from an online sales transaction uses a secure ____ connection where buyers enter their account information and submit it.


An MIS system uses a(n) ____ report when a request is made by a specific person for a specific purpose.


A corporation relies on its ____ statistics to provide insight into the state of the business and its overall health.

key performance indicator

Management information systems are powered by ____.


The final stage of decision making and problem solving is known as the ____ stage, where the results of a decision are reviewed.


Which of the following is NOT a benefit of an ERP system?

low expense in time and money

Solutions that deliver improved customer service and targeted marketing support all of the following areas of an enterprise EXCEPT ____.

human resources

A(n) ____ system can help a business alleviate the need for multiple information system programs.


The first step in systems analysis is to ____ of the organization and how the computer system can help solve them.

identify the overall goals

In a Gantt chart, each time a ____ is completed, a grid cell is marked to indicate its completion.


In a(n) ____ analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of the existing business are uncovered.


Computerized expert systems use ____ to arrive at conclusions or make suggestions.


Communication and language are key elements in the ____.

Turing Test

Singularity embraces the idea of ____ and other recent trends in technology.

Moore's Law

AI systems typically include all of the following EXCEPT ____.

concatenated methodologies

A(n) ____ system is software that is knowledgeable in a particular field or area.


Computational intelligence is directly related to ____.

artificial intelligence

Medical robots are built with ____ machine capabilities and sophisticated AI controlling software.


AI expert ____ has created an AI program he calls the Cybernetic Poet that can create poetry in the style of human poets.

Ray Kurzweil

Through ____, a computer can pick up movement in its environment.

visual input

Facial recognition is used in ____ to verify a person's identity.


____ permissions provide registered users with access to the files they need, while restricting access to private resources.


A company may hire a ____ hacker to learn about vulnerabilities in their system.


All of the following are examples of malware EXCEPT for ____.


The process of examining computing equipment to determine if it has been used for illegal, unauthorized, or unusual activities is known as ____.

computer forensics

A common form of authentication is a ____.


Through the use of ____, data is secured when it is stored and transported over a network.


In a Wi-Fi network, ____ provide several settings that can all but bulletproof a wireless network.

access points

An Internet ____ can be found in the form of a chain letter, scam, and false alarm.


An important function of a firewall is to protect all the ____ of a network or computer from undesirable data.


In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the services of a(n) ____ can be halted.

Internet server

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