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Anatomy Chapter 12 Test

What is not a part of the blood plasma
formed elements
the normal volume of blood in an adult is approximatley
4-6 liters
blood is normally
slightly alkaline
PolyHeme is an
artificial blood
donated blood
must be typed and cross matched; can only be stored for 6 weeks; is most valuable in the golden hour
for blood type A
the antigen present in RBC:A
the antibody present in plasma:anti-B
for blood type B
the antigen present in RBC:B
the antibody present in plasma: anti- A
for blood type AB
the antigen present in RBC: A,B
the antibody present in plasma: none
for blood type O
the antigen present in RBC:none
the antibody present in plasma: anti-A, anti-B
an ________ is a substance that can stimulate the body and make antibodies
an ________ is a substance made by the body in response to stimulation by an antigen
many antibodies react with their antigens to clump or ________ them
if a baby is born Rh-nagative mother and Rh-positive father, it may develop the disease ________ ______
erythreplastosis fetalis
the term "Rh" is used because the antigen was first discovered in the blood of a ______ ______
Rhesus Monkey
the universal blood donor is
the universal recipient blood is
another name for white blood cells is
another name for platelets is
pernicious anemia is caused by
a lack of vitamen b12
the laboratorytest called hemacrit tells the physician the volume of
red blood cells in a blood sample
an example of a non granular leukocyte is a
an excess of RBC's is known as
a critical component of hemoglobin is
sickle cell anemia is caused by
the production of an abnormal type of hemoglobin
the practice of using blood transfusions to increase oxygen delivery to muscles during athletic events is called
blood doping
one of the most useful and frequently performed clinical blood test is called the
CBC complete blood count
what is not a granular leukocyte
if a blood cell has no nucleus and is shaped like a biconcave disc, then the cell most likely is a
red blood cell
red bone marrow forms all kinds of blood cells except some
lymphocytes and monocytes
myeloid tissue is not found in
wrist bones
lyphanic tissue is found in
lymph nodes; thymus; spleen
the "buffy coat" layer in hemocrit tube contains
WBC and platelets
the hemocrit value for red blood cells is
an unusually low WBC count would be termed
most oxygen transported in the blood is carried by
the most numerousof the phagocytes are the
which of the following types of cells is not phagocytic
which of the following cell types functions in the immune process
vitaman k simulates liver cells to increase the
if part of a clot dislodges and circulates through the bloodstream the dislodged part is called an
this disease usually occurs as a result of the destrustion of bone marrow by toxic chemicals or radiation
aplastic anemia
an example of hemolytic anemia is
sickle cell anemia
the disease that results from a failure to form blood clotting factor VIII is
a special type of white blood cell countused as a diagnostic tool is known as
differential WBC count
which of the following statements is false
leukemia is characterized by a low number of WBCs
deficiency in the number or function or ethrocytes is called
which of the following statements does not describe a characteristic of leukocytes
they are disk shaped cells that do not contain a nucleus
which of the following substances is not found is serum
clotting factors
which of the following substances is not found in blood plasma
albumins; gases; waste products
an allergic reaction may increase the number of
what is a blood clot that is moving through the body called
when could difficulty with the rh blood factor arise
when an Rh-negative woman and a Rh-posotive man produce a child
what is the primary function of hemoglobin
to carry oygen
which of the following steps are not in blood clot formation
thrombin is converted into prothrombin
type AB
contains A and B antigens
type O
contains anti-A and anti-B antigens
Rh Factor
erythroblastosis fetalis
red bone marrow
myeloid tissue