50 terms

Quiz 5

liquidity, asset management, leverage, and profitability
Four basic financial ratios are:
Return on Investment
From the lecture on Capital we described evaluating different investments by understand their ROI which stands for
Bonds have a specific maturity date or end date.
The NYSE includes the Dow Industrial average, the DOW includes the stock of how many companies?
newly-issued common stock
All of the following are common ways firms use to raise short-term financing EXCEPT
pro forma
As part of the financial planning process, planners would create projected financial statements, also known as _____ statements.
A Bond certificate shows proof of ownership in a corporation.
Financing provided by a firm's owners is classified as ____________ financing
Capital _________ is the process a firm uses to evaluate long-term investments
Discounting is the process of converting a future cash flow to its present value.
Finance is the study of money; how its made, lost and managed
On the NASDAQ trading is done through computers over the internet and not in a room full of traders like NYSE.
mutual fund
Which one buys a variety of stocks for members or their participants?
Which one of the following is NOT a Current Asset?
An IPO represents the?
The first time a corporation issues a stock to the public
Stockholders may receive periodic dividend payments to share in the companys profits but it is not guaranteed.
Security and Exchange Commission(SEC)
Which of the following regulates the U.S. stock markets?
time value of money
The ____________ tells us that a doller received today is worth more than a dollar received in the future.
Corporate financial managers are responsible for managing short-term assets like cash, accounts receivable and inventories but are not responsible for long-term assets because that falls under the securities market.`
Financial Management is responsible for only managing long-term assets and liabilities
Bonds pay interest to the Corporation, usually semi-annually.
all of these
Exchanges in which stocks are bought and sold are?
issuing or selling employees stock "options"
Corporations have three ways to get money. Which one is NOT one of the ways?
Chicago Board of Trade(CBOT)
Where large quantities of agriculture products, metals and currencies can be puchased is?
Initial Public Offering
IPO stands for _____
Usually is independant, owns their own firm and provides accounting services to others
A public accountant
_____ is the private, self-regulating, 5-member board established to develop generally accepted accounting principles used in the practice of financial accounting.
A company's assets include tangible items like buildings and equipment but do not include intangibles like copyrights and trademarks because only tangibles have a dollar value.
debt a company owes
The term "Liabilities" means;
income statement
As the owner of 100 shares of Megabux Corporation's stock, Elbert Treble wants to know whether his company earned a profit or loss during the past year. He can find the answer to this by looking at Megabux's
GAAP- Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Taken together, the body of principles that guides the financial accounting process used to create financial statements is referred to as:
_____ accountants combine their knowledge of accounting with investigative skills. These accountants can help detect and investigate tax evasion, embezzlement, money laundering, and securities fraud.
work for a variety of clients on a fee basis
Which of the following statements about private accountants is incorrect? Private accountants
Certified Management Accountant
CMA stands for
Depreciation is the "expensing" of long-lived assets over several years on the Balance Sheet.
The Statement of Cash Flows
Which financial statement shows cash being invested in purchasing an asset?
Income Tax Report
Which one of the following is not one of the three required public financial statements.
Usually works for a corporation or non-profit organization
A Private Accountant
The Income Statement
Which financial statement shows the amount of revenues or sales?
Financial Accounting (ACC255) and Managerial Accounting (ACC256) areas are two core classes every FCB major needs to take.
A company's Net Income is the same amount as the company's Cash Flow.
The Statement of Cash Flows
Which financial statement shows cash coming in from the sale of stock?
Internal financial plans and forecasts
The term "Budget" means;
things of value a company owns
The term "Asset" means;
The Income Statement
Which financial statement shows Cost of Goods sold?
The Balance Sheet
Which financial statement shows the total amount of debt or liabilities a company has?
The Balance Sheet
Which financial statement shows a companys net worth or stockholders equity?
Financial Accounting or ACC 255 at FCB is a class that covers internal company reports not usually available to the public to assist management with decisions.
revenue, income statement, gross profit
A firm's cost of goods sold is subtracted from the _____ on the _____ in order to compute the firm's _____.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is federal legislation passed in the early 2000s to make accounting rules and regulations simpler because accountants were taking too long to issue the required financial statements to the public.