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Life Cycle

breast development and maturation
-begins during puberty
-differentiation into laborular structure
-no functional alveoli
pregnancy; breast development and maturation
stimulates growth and proliferation of duct system and formation of large lobules
synthesis and secretion of milk components (lactation)
-stimulated by prolactin
-stimulated by suckling
ejection of milk form the gland (lactation)
-release of milk into large glands
-stimulated by oxytocin
-stimulated by suckling or baby's cry
-produced during the first 2-3 days
-rich in protein, particularly IgA and minerals
-lower in CHO and fat
transitional milk
-produced between the 3rd and 6th day
-fairly high in protein
-lower in CHO and fat
mature milk
-established between the 10th day- 1st month
-lower in protein, higher in lactose and fat
foremilk (initial)
lower in fat, rich in other nutrients
hindmilk (later)
-higher in fat
-promotes satiety
milk volume lactation (first 6 months)
750 ml/day
milk volume lactation (second 6 months)
300-900 ml/day
milk volume lactation (second year)
200-600 ml/day