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Linux Final Exam

A service running on a host that has a master table of IP addresses to hosts associations. The table can be queried for either from any network. This service is called?
When you type in a website into your browser you are probably using it's _____________, like www.google.com.
To setup local host to IP translations on the Linux OS one would use the ____________ file.This is the original way we did DNS like operations.
One of the more popular programs to host DNS on a linux OS is ______________.
When checking a PCs name against a DNS server the tool to use is ________________________.
The configuration file for the named daemon located here ______________, is only one part of the DNS system that needs to run on a Linux server.
Your domain forward lookup zone file would be named _____________ if your domain name where linux.com.
The primary DNS server in a network is called the __________________
Master DNS server
In DNS a(n) __________ record is probably the most common type of record found.
The _____________ record tells other sites about your mail server.
A _______________ automatically configures clients on a network with an IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS, so they may communicate on that network.
DHCP server
When a client gets an IP address from a dynamic host configuration protocol server there is a time limit associated between the client and IP address. This is called a ____________________.
Netfilter is a good example of a ____________________.
A tool used to configure the firewall in Ubuntu is _________________.
The Gufw gives us a __________________ tool we can use to manage the firewall.
Firestarter is another tool we can use to setup and configure the firewall. Which one of the following is false about Firestarter.
ufw and Firestarter can be used on the same firewall.
A Chain is simply a checklist for the ______________ . These ____________ specify what action to take on packets containing certain headers.
ICMP packets are used with many tools like ping and traceroute. What does ICMP stand for?
internet control message protocol
_____________ is used for a way to change the source and destination of packets as they travel through a firewall, this is called IP masquerading.
A Drop Policy will _____________ any packets from ip spoofing attacks or any outside initiated connections.
The protocol for Email servers to send email to another server is _________________.
One early protocol users would use to get their mail from an email server would be?
What port is used for smtp?
One of the protocols for a user's email client to get email from an email server is _______________.
What port does POP use?
Users get mail from a MDA or LDA for email.This stands for a mail delivery agent or local delivery agent. Which of the following is a common one?
Out of the three distinct components of the mail service which does the user see and interact with?
Popular email server used on linux Os today.
In dealing with mail the location /var/mail/ or /var/spool/mail/ is used for _______________.
mailbox storage
One popular Linux Spam filter server an administrator might setup is ______________.
ftp stands for _________________
File Transfer Protocol
It is dangerous to allow __________________ access to a ftp server. The server should be locked down if you do.
_____________ is a popular program to host a FTP site on the Linux OS.
We start the VSFTPD using the ____________________ command.
service vsftpd start
To allow ftp traffic thru a firewall the main port that has to be open is _______________
In Ubuntu a popular website hosting program is ______________.
The protocol for web traffic is _________________.
The default website in linux is located in the _________________________ folder.
The module for the webserver to serve encrypted websites is __________________
Being able to have more than one webisite on a server is called ___________________
virtual hosting
One way we connect a share on another pc to make it look like a folder on the local pc, is to use _______________
NFS operates over a TCP/IP network using ______________________ to manage the file systems.
Access to the nfs server can be controlled by ______________________________
The graphical tool used to setup a nfs share ________________________.
In a large scale Linux cluster system, Linux supports dfns. For our case we can use ______________________
_____________ allows clients on a Windows network to connect to resources on a Linux server.
Microsoft developed ____________________ to connect PC's to large networks including Unix.
To connect to a Windows share the Linux pc must use the _______________________ package.
________________________ is an easy web interface to configure your smb.conf file on your Samba server.
What is the following command performing:

allow 137:138/udp ufw
adding udp ports 137 and 138 to the allow acl in the firewall