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From an economics perspective, what are scarce resources for individual tourists?

For Individual Tourists, scarce resources are money, time, and physical energy

From an economics perspective, scarce resources for communities or countries include ______? (Tip: Think of what constitutes scarce resources for communities)

Resources are natural and human

How do researchers typically estimate the level of tourism activity? (e.g. think of what factors must be multiplied in order to come up with a justifiable amount)

From the estimate of number of arrival times the estimate of expenditure per visitor

One of the most important factors influencing the level of international tourism activity is? (think from economic perspective)

Relative Exchange Rates

What is "leakage?" What does this term refer to? (truly understand what term entails.)

Leakage occurs primarily when dollars are pent on exports to the area.
Purchasing power that is spent on imports to an area, resulting in a transfer of income out of the local economy.

Tourism can create what positive economic benefits? (think of economic benefits and infrastructure improvements)

Stable source of income to a region due to historic ability to weather recessions well, provides diversity & offers variety of employment, entry-level employment opportunities,

Tourism planning involves?

Timing of development, size of infrastructure and superstructure, targeting of promotional efforts, enhancement and preservation of resources, natural and man-made

Tourism-related taxes include?

Hotel & Lodging, Restaurants, Gasoline, Base Tax, Dollar Surcharge, and Off Airport Fees

The most important constituent groups tourism service suppliers must please are?

Depends on the field

Hidden taxes are often placed in which tourism service supplier to pay for the construction of a major league sports stadium?


Usually, tourism planning rests with what type of agency and/or company?

Government agency

The continuous process of research and development decisions that creates and sustains tourism in a region is called?

Tourism Planning

The worldwide organization extablished to preserve historic cities and natural and cultural properties is?


What is not an element in determining carrying capacity?
Economic capacity
Environmental capacity
Ecological capacity
Physical capacity

Economic capacity

The limit on the actual number of users that can be accommodated in a region is called what capacity?


The practice of society, it's beliefs, social roles, and material objects that are passed down from generation to generation are called?


a host community is composed of all the following resources except?

Local residents, economic system, infrastructure, and natural resources.

the number of travelers has exploded in recent years due to?

Mass Tourism

An index created by George Doxey to describe the levels of irritation that locals may feel with the influx of tourists is called?


What are some examples of infrastructure?

Roads, sidewalks, water system, and police & fire protection.

What are some examples of superstructure?

Lodgings, restaurants, and recreation facilities

Foreigners who work in another country displacing host country citizens are officially called?


What are various types of carrying capacities?

Physical, environmental, and ecological

The display of material goods and affluence tourists often bring when visiting locations in undeveloped and lesser developed countries that can lead to envy is?

Demonstration effect

Define ecotourism. (Understand what it entails and philosophy)

Look at powerpoint

The rise in large numbers of working and middle class travelers is referred to as?

Mass Tourism

In the first phase of tourism development, local residents feel?

That welcoming both tourism investors and travelers will generate an economic boom.

In euphoria stage of tourism development, destination residents feel?

That welcoming both tourism investors and travelers will generate an economic boom.

What are some examples of hard ecotourism descriptors?

Moderate environmental commitment, mulitpurpose trips, short or day trips, large groups, physically passive, physical comfort, emphasis on interpretation, relies on guides and tour operators.

Identify the four R's of sustainable practices.

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, and buy Recycled products.

The idea of geotourism was developed by which organization?

National Geographic (Jonathan Tourtellot)

Travelers should consider what type of questions when trying to determine if hotels and resorts are dedicated to conservation and preservation?

Refer to review

Mass tourism can lead to what type of problems?

Diminished natural environment and beauty of the area

Newly affluent countries, such as _________, will become major sources of outbound tourists.

Poland, China, Vietnam, Hungary, and Brazil

Future challenges for winter snow sports will be primarily?


The Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality estimates that what percentage of disabled adults travel at least once a year?


What are some examples of "hard adventure" tourism?

Rock climbing, mountain biking, and cave exploring

What are some examples of "soft adventure" tourism?

Camping, hiking, and horseback riding

Tourists seeking escape from accelerated life styles will be served by a new niche dedicated to?

Slow Tourism

Cooperative alliances were pioneered by which industry?

Airline industry

What is vocation tourism?

Trips during which travelers take time to experience possible new careers before actually making career changes.

It is predicted that by the year 2025, air passenger traffic worldwide will?


It is predicted that in the future the Internet will be used for what reasons?


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