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Colin Cowles

contemporary english composer born 1940, noted for saxophone works and his education books, son of a bassoonist, studied at Trinity College of Msuic in London studying composition and piano/organ, became a performing bassoonist later in life

Works by Cowles

Ballet symphony, viola and saxophone concertos, chamber music, film and TV music, music for brass, woodwind, quartet - Realm of the Swan (orchestra), Heard Whilst Walking (accappela SATB), Concertante for Sax quartet and Strings


In a smooth singing style


Held in a prolonged manner, sustained

Period piece is from

Contemporary classical, 1975 - present - virtuoso pieces which displays technique, shows modernism and is very innovative

Stylistic Characteristics

Art music, contrasting sections, very expressive, some small pieces of melodic material repeated throughout (motif)

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