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Renaissance Questions 15-27

Questions from 15-27.
What lady did Petrarch write about?
What stories did Boccacio write? Why were the people going to a villa?
The Decameron. To escape the black plague.
Who wrote The Prince? What did he advise rulers on gaining?
Machiavelli. The trust of others.
What did Hans Holbein specialize in painting? Who did he paint?
Paintings that were almost photographs in detail. King Henry VII.
What kind of paint did Jan van Eyck paint?
Oil-based paints.
What kind of peasant scenes did Bruegel paint?
Everyday peasant life (weddings, dances)
What book did Erasmus write? What were some of the people that he poked fun at?
The praise of folly. Greedy merchants, heart-sick lovers.
What book to Thomas More write? What has that word come to mean in English?
Utopia. No place.
What book did Christine de Pizan write? What one of her goals was not realized for several centuries?
The Book Of The City Of Ladies. Formal education for boys and girls.
What did Gutenburg invent?
Printing Press
What was the big playhouse in London? What would audiences do if they didn't like the play?
The globe. They would boo loudly, pelted stage with garbage, attacked actors.
Why would you hold a pomander?
Shield yourself from stench of rotting garbage.
What were things the poor rarely ate? What would they usually eat?
Fish, meat, or cheese.
Pottage - a vegetable soup.