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what was the time of the lesson

A.D. 29

what is the setting

passover in jerusalem

What does john focus on

Christs judean ministry

how many passovers were recorded

there were four

what was the seven day feast called

feast of unleavened bread

when did passover occur

15th day of nisan

why was temple tax important

cause it was necessary so that sacrifices might be carried out

why were the money changers not honest

cause they charged commission for the exchange of money and hidden charges

why were the inspectors crooks

cause they said the animal had a blemish so that people had to buy there own sacrifice

what was Jesus angry with

the social injustice and worship without reverence

to Jesus what were animal sacrifices


were could the gentiles not go past

the court of the gentiles

what could not lead people to god

rituals and sacrifices

jesus came to tell people a way to god without what

a temple

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