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CompTIA A+ 220-901


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What device in the computer system does all the processing of information obtained from various
input devices?
What PC component is referred to as primary storage and loses its content when power is removed?
Where are the instructions to start the computer system stored?
What type of firmware supports the new Secure Boot option which guarantees the integrity of the startup files?
Which CPU feature needs to be enabled in the BIOS and is designed to help thwart malware attempts to corrupt the system files?
No Execute Bit or Disable Execute Bit
What device is described as a mini computer in your pocket running a mobile operating system?
Smart phone
Which PC component provides data communications for all other internal and external components?
A data pathway in a computer system is referred to as what?
Which component modifies AC voltage into DC voltage?
Power supply
What are the three voltages provided by the power supply in most systems?
3.3, 5, 12
How many pins are contained in the SATA data cable?
How many devices are supported by the USB 3.0 standard?
What is the voltage provided by the USB standard?
What type of port is traditionally used for mice and keyboards?
What is the cable limit for the USB 2.0 standard?
What is the cable length limitation for Ethernet network cables?
What category of UTP is most commonly used and provides the ability to achieve 1Gbps transfer speeds?
Which type of network cabling uses optical pulses of light instead of electrical signals?
Fiber optic
What is the primary protocol that is used on the internet and LANs today?
Which network service is responsible for resolving user friendly names to numerical IP addresses?
DNS or Domain Name System
Which network service is used to assign IP addresses to clients that are attempting to connect to the network?
Which laptop component is the most likely to need replacing?
What can be used to ensure long battery life in a portable computer?
Power options
What are the small areas used to store data entering and leaving the CPU called?
The primary internal component within a CPU that performs the calculations is known as what?
ALU or Arithmetic Logic Unit
Modern CPUs typically have multiple ___________ that really allow the CPU to act as more than a single CPU.
The most common architecture for CPUs today is __________________?
X86 or 32-bit
What is the latest standard for RAM that operates at bandwidths up to 12,800 Mbps?
DDR3-1600 or PC 12800
What is the data path for modern memory which allows modules to be installed individually and provide 8 bytes of data transfer simultaneously?
Which component is most likely to use a DVI-D connection on the PC?
Monitor or video card
Which technology is often used to send output information to a high definition television as opposed to a monitor?
Which optical media has a maximum capacity on the original dual layer discs of 50GB?
Blu ray
Which optical media can use two layers of the disc in order to right 8.5 GB of data?
DVD - 9 or DVD-DL
TCP/IP addresses in the current version most heavily used today are ___________ bits long.
The subnet mask provides what functionality in relation to the IP address?
Separates and distinguishes the network ID and host ID portions of the address
What device should you suspect if you smell a burning smell coming from the PC?
power supply
What is the value of 1101 1100 in decimal?
What network device is used to transmit packets from source to destination between network segments?
What type of Internet connection is a high speed shared data access connection often capable of 75Mbps or more?
What type of printer uses toner to produce the image on the paper?
During what stage of the laser printing process is the image imprinted on the EP drum by the laser?
Which stage of the laser printing process is last and ensures that the toner is melted to the paper?
Which chip on the motherboard handles high speed communications for video and RAM?
What component must you often upgrade in a typical system if you are working with higher end graphics required in gaming?
Video Card
Which standard is most utilized for display adapters in modern systems?
Which drive standard is not used heavily today and required master/slave configuration for multiple drives on the same channel?
Which drive standard is capable of up to 600Mbps data transfer rates for magnetic and SSD?
Which standard provides high speed data transfer at 800Mbps for voice, video, and audio and allows 63 devices on a single channel?
Which Wi-Fi standard provides data transfer up to 54Mbps on the 2.4Ghz frequency range?
What is the latest encryption standard for wireless communications that would utilize AES for encryption and protect connection keys using a passphrase?
What should you enable to hide your wireless network from users unless they knew its name?
Disable SSID broadcast
What is the term used to describe wireless communications that integrate wired and wireless technologies and use an access point?
Infrastructure mode
What is the standard connector on a UTP cable?
Why type of cabling must you run if you are to utilize the HVAC vents to run network lines?
Plenum rated cabling or plenum
Which component should you check if you are getting garbled output to a printer?
Device driver
All modern devices support __________________ so device drivers are loaded automatically and resources configured when the device is first connected to the system?
Plug and Play
Which device is used to prevent traffic from one network to another network segment and is commonly used at the network perimeter?
Which network device has replaced hubs in most networks due to increased efficiency?
What internal hardware component is used for secondary storage?
Hard drive
How many pins are contained in the Molex drive connector?