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Access - Chapter 2

When you pose a question to Access, or any other database management system the question is called a _____. A ______ is simply a question represented in a way that Access can understand.
Two special _________ are available in Microsoft Access. _______ are symbols that represent any character or combination of characters.
Asterisk *
The first of the two wildcards, the ______, represents any collection of characters.
Question Mark
The other wildcard symbol is the __________ which represents any individual character.
Parameter query
To do this, you create a _________, which is a QUERY that prompts for input whenever it is run. Are especially useful in cases where the same QUERY is run frequently with slight changes to one or more or the QUERY'S criteria. By using _________ rather than specific values, you can enter the values for the criterion as the QUERY is run, rather than having to change the QUERY design.
Comparison Operator
If you want something other than the exact match you must enter the appropriate _________. The __________ are > (greater than), >= ( greater than or equal to ), Not (not equal to), <(less than), and <= (less than or equal to).
Compound Criterion
Often you will have more than one criterion that the data for which you are searching must satisfy. This type of criterion is called a __________________.
And Criterion
Two types of compound criteria exist : In an ________, each individual criterion must be true in order for the com pound criterion to be true.
Or Criterion
Conversely, an _______ is true provided either individual criterion is true.
To order the records in the answer to a query in a particular way, you _____ the records.
Sort Key
The field or fields on which the records are sorted is called the __________.
Primary Sort Key
If you are sorting on more than one field (such as sorting by an amount paid within trainer number), the more important field (Trainer Number) is called the __________.
Secondary Key
And the less important field (Amount Paid) is called the _______________.
Property Sheet
A ___________ is a window containing the various properties of the object.
Top-Value Key
Creating a __________ allows you to quantify the results.
Join Line
Access will draw a line called a, _______, between matching fields in the two tables indicating that the tables are related.
Join Properties
The ________ indicate which records appear in a JOIN of the query. You modify the ________ by right-clicking on the join line.
Calculated Fields
A field that can be computed from other fields is called a ___________.
Aggregate Functions
Is a function that performs some mathematical ________ against a group of records.
Sometimes queryies include ______, which means groups of records are created that share some common characteristic.
Cross Tab Query
________ are useful for summarizing data; the result (or the middle) calculates a statistics (sometimes sum, average, count, etc.)
You need to ______ the tables that is to find records in the two tables that have identical values in matching fields.
Design Grid
In the Create Query window, the bottom grid part is called the _______.
Property Sheet
To omit duplicates from a query, use the _______ and change the Unique Values property to Yes.
Answer Field Name:[Field Name]Operator[Field Name]
What is the "syntax" for a calculated field entry?
In order to create a parameter query, you enter a prompt on the Criteria line of the design grid, enclosed in _____.
To find all companies that start with a J, what would you enter on the criteria line of the appropriate field?
To find all Technicians with the last name of Johnson or Johnsen, what would you enter on the criteria line of the approriate field?
When entering a numerical criterion, is it necessary to enter the dollar signs and comma separators?
same line
To create an AND query, enter the criteria on the _______.
separate lines
To create an OR query, enter the criteria on ______; one criterion goes on the criteria line and the other goes on the or line.
Which aggregate function will count the number of records?
How do you display the entire entry for a calculated field?
Return Box
How do you restrict the number of records returned in your query results?
Show Box
Which one represents a row that includes a check box to control which fields appear in the results of query?
What order should you sort if you want the higest number on top in the query results?
Query Wizard
You use the _______ to create a crosstab query.
Add Total line - Group By
How do you include grouping in your query results?
Property Sheet
To chance the caption for a field in a query, select the ______ button and enter the new caption on the appropriate line.
1. Check to be sure they are named exactly the same, 2. Check to be sure they have the same datatype, 3. Check to make sure that one table uses that field as its primary key.
What should you do if you added both tables to the query design and there is no join line?