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Unit 7

Easter Morning(Matthew)
In this story, both Mary Magdalene and another Mary show up to the tomb. There is a earthquake, and the stone is moved by angels. They say "Don't be afraid, he isn't here, he has risen, to which they go back the the disciples and tell them
Easter Morning(Mark)
Same people but adding Salome, the stone has been removed and they tell them Not to be worried, go tell the disciples, to which they flee in amazement and terror
Easter Morning (Luke)
Both Marys, Joanna and another woman, the stone is moved, somebody tells them "Why look for the living among the dead?" Go tell others, peter runs to see
Easter Morning (John)
Only Mary Magdalene, the stone is removed, Jesus says I am have not risen but am about to and what not, she went and told the disciples
Missing body; Guard report
the guards go tell the centurion, to which he tells the guards that they need to blame the disciples for taking the body and spreading conspiracy
ON the Road to Emmaus
Happened on the same day as Easter, Jesus appears to two men and walks with them, telling stories, they invite him to eat with them, and he breaks bread and they realize who he really is, but then he vanishes before their eyes
Jesus appears to the Disciples
He appears to them, and they all think he is a ghost to which he is not. He shows that he is made of flesh and bone, and since they still don't believe him he eats a fish before them so they know he has come back. He tells them to stay in the city until they have been clothed with power from on high
Doubting Thomas
Before Jesus appeared, all the disciples were afraid of the other Jews. Jesus comes, greets them by saying Peace be with you, and shows his hands and his sides, he then breathes onto them the holy spirit, but since Thomas didn't see him the first time he appeared, he didn't believe, but he went to his knees and believed this time
The big Catch
The disciples are out all night on the lake without a single fish, and when they are coming in the next morning they see Jesus on the shore. He tells them to cast on the other side of the boat, and they catch so many fish the nets should of torn, but they did not. When they get back on shore, Jesus asks Peter if he loves him 3 times. He tells peter to feed the lambs, tend the sheep and feed the flock, for he is the sheperd (Leader)
Village 7 miles from Jerusalum
Went with Mary Magdalene in one of the versions of Easter
MAry, Mother of James
Went With Mary Magdalene in two of the versions of Easter
Mary Magdalene
Followed Jesus for a long time, went to the tomb in every single story of Easter
Went with Mary Magdalene in one of the versions of Easter