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Psy 100

psy 100
According to the ____ approach, human behavior is primarily controlled by an individual's mental processes.
2. In an experiment, the group that is NOT subjected to a treatment condition is known as the
3. In an experiment the ______ is manipulated by the researcher and its effects on the _____ are measured.
independent variable / dependent variable
A researcher is conducting an experiment to test the effects of violent video game play on aggression. Which of the following could be the dependent variable in this example?
Scores on an aggressive behavior survey
Dr. Simpson finds a positive .50 correlation between ice cream cone sales and violent crimes in a community. Which of the following represents the best interpretation of this result?
A confounding variable, such as heat, may account for the association between ice cream sales and violent crime. When it is hot, ice cream sales increase. When it is hot, people are also more likely to behave aggressively.
8. Dr. Steinguard wants to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship between stress and memory. Which of the following research methods should he use?
Experimental method
case studys
involve gathering in-depth information on a single subject or participant
Wilhelm Wundt
is considered the "founding father" of modern psychology
. Professor Jordan has suggested to his students that as study time increases, grades increase. The professor is describing a ____.
positive correlation
. According to the ____ approach, human behavior is primarily controlled by external environmental forces.
In his practice, Dr. Wagner stresses the role of unconscious processes and unresolved childhood conflicts. With which psychological approach does this align?
Psychology is
a type of science
the study of mental processes
the study of human behavior
6. A correlation coefficient indicates the
direction and magnitude of association between two variables
_____ involves using introspection to investigate the components of the mind,
whereas _____ seeks to understand the purpose of the mind and behavior as it relates to adaptation to the environment.
Steven was in a serious automobile accident that caused a severe injury to his hippocampus. What type of deficiency will Steven likely experience as a result of this brain damage?
He will probably have difficulties with memory formation.
Doctors told her she sustained substantial damage to the occipital lobes. What type of deficiencies will Sonal likely experience as a result of this brain damage?
She may be blind or unable to see clearly.
If a person's cerebellum were damaged in an accident, you would expect the person to have a problem with
balance and muscle coordination
memory loss related to Alzheimer disease. Research suggests that there may be insufficient production of the neurotransmitter _______ in this individual's brain.
The ____ are involved in personality, intelligence, and the control of voluntary muscles.
frontal lobes
small forebrain structure that monitors pleasurable activities (e.g. eating, drinking, and sex), emotion, stress, and reward.
Another term that describes the "firing" of neurons is
action potential
Axons are
the part of the neuron that is responsible for sending or carrying information away from the cell body toward other cells
Sensory receptors
are specialized cells that detect stimulus information and transmit it to afferent nerves and the brain
depth vision cues depend on the combination of the images in the left and right eyes.
is a brain structure that is often referred to as a "biological clock" because of the fact that it controls our circadian rhythms.
suprachiasmatic nucleu
This process of acquiring "raw data" about the stimuli in the environment is called _____.
are frightening dreams that awaken a dreamer from REM sleep
Night terrors
involve sudden arousal from sleep and an intense physiological fear reaction (e.g., screaming, heavy breathing, and perspiration)
According to Sigmund Freud, dreams represent
unconscious desires or conflicts
Biological processes occurring on a cycle of approximately 24 hours are termed
circadian rhythms
theories of vision can best explain the occurrence of afterimages
Opponent-process theory
are specialized receptor cells that enable us to see color
College students who consume large amounts of alcohol on weekends are abusing which type(s) of drugs?
involves the removal of an undesired stimulus.
negative reinforcement
Reinforcement increases the frequency of a behavioral response. ______ involves the presentation of a desired stimulus
Positive reinforcement
Organisms learn the association between two stimuli through
classical conditioning
Organisms learn the association between a behavior and a consequence throug
operant conditioning
refers to rewarding approximations of a desired behavior.
innate stimulus-response connection
Sneezing in response to sniffing pepper
Spanking is a form of
negative punishment
time out is a form of
positive punishment
Social norms can be:
What might explain the unusually bad behavior of people in these crowds?
dispositional attribution
how we perdict a persons furture behavior
cognitive dissonance
conflicying statements, knowing somthing is bad, but make excuses to make it ok