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timely, accurate, complete collection, maintenance

The primary responsibility of the cancer/tumor registrar is to ensure the _____, ____, and _____ and ____ of cancer data.

diagnoses, services, procedures, reimbursement, research, statistical

A coding specialist ensures that all ____, ____, and _____ documented in patient records are coded accurately to ensure ____, and for ____ and ____ purposes.

delivery, quality health care

Patient data is organized, analyzed and maintained by health information managers to ensure the ____ of _____.

prerecorded medical dictation

Medical transcriptionists have unique skills that enable them to keyboard _______.

delivery of health care, clinical departments, services

Health service managers plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the _______. The include specialists who direct _____ or _____.

medical staff office, medical staff bylaws, credentialing, recredentialing

Medical staff coordinators are responsible for managing the ______ and complying with _____ which means they manage the physician _____ and _____ process.

privacy, access, patient health information, federal and state laws

A privacy officer oversees the development, implementation, and maintenance of, and adherence to, and organization's policies and procedures covering _____ of and _____ to _____ in compliance with ______.

patient outcomes

A quality manager coordinates a health care facility's quality improvement program to improve _____.

appropriate corrective action

A risk manager investigates incident reports to recommend _____.


The three professional associations that offer certification in coding are ____, ____, ____.

coding specialist

The hospital's quality management department has determined that 10% of the medical staff is noncompliant regarding documentation issues affecting the appropriate assignment of diagnosis and procedure codes. Which professional would best provide in service training in this area?

medical assistant

Mrs Petrie enters the physician's office for her appointment and signs in at the reception area. Which professional initially greets Mrs. Petrie and updates her registration information in the computer system?

health insurance specialist

Mr. Lambert was seen in the office two months ago. He returns today because his insurance company had denied payment of that claim. Which professional would review Mr. Lambert's claim to verify it against third party guidelines to determine if payment is authorized?

American College of Surgeons

Hospital XYZ wants to obtain their accreditation for the Cancer Registry. Which of the organization is responsible for this process?

cost, access, quality

The three major issues in healthcare are ____, ____, and ____.

unethical, confidentiality

An employee of the HIM department gave another employee some confidential information on a patient. The second employee was not involved in the direct care of the patient. The HIM employee's behavior is _____ and has breeched ______.


Mary Smith has gone to her doctor to discuss her medical condition. What is the legal term that best describes the type of communication that has occurred between Mary and her physician?


The IT department is currently in the process of setting up password defaults for the new electronic medical record system. This is considered what aspect of protection against unauthorized access?


The police department has requested to see the files on your computer. Without a proper search warrant, this would be considered a breech in _____.


Which organization provides accreditation for rehabilitation?

primary and secondary

Bobby is going for his annual school physical. The attending noted abnormal breathing sounds and thought the patient may have a possible respiratory condition. Bobby has been referred to a consultant. In the continuum of care, what levels of care would best describe this scenario.

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