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Shannon Gilmore

a diagram that shows the occurrence of a genetic trait in several generations of a family
Cystic fibrosis
a human genetic disorder caused by a recessive allele for a chloride channel protein; characterized by an excessive secretion of mucus and consquent vulnerability to infection; fatal if untreated (4% whites are carriers - most common lethal genetic disease)
Sickle cell
an abnormal red blood cell that has a crescent shape and an abnormal form of hemoglobin
disease/dsorder where the blood does not clot properly
Sex-linked gene
gene located on the X or Y chromosome
Multiple alleles
Three or more forms of a gene , three or more forms of a gene that code for a single trait
individual who has one copy of the allele for a recessive disorder and does not exhibit symptoms
Genetic disorder
Is an abnormal condition that a person inherits through genes or chromosomes

Did you know: Genetic disorders are caused by mutations or changes in a person's DNA
A procedure doctors can use to determine if a baby will have genetic disorders.

Did you know: Today doctors use tools such as amniocentesis and karotypes to help detect genetic disorders.
Is a picture of all the chromosomes in a cell

This is one of the many tecniques a Genetic Counselor will use
Selective breeding
The process of selecting a few organisms with desired traits to serve as parents for the next genaration.
Genetic engineering
Genes from one organism are transferred into the DNA of another organism
Gene therapy
Involves inserting working copies of a gene directly into the cells of a person with a genetic disorder
Is an organism that is genetically identical to the organism from which it was produced

Did you know: You can clone plants by cutting a part off of it
Cloning animals is a little more diffcult, you need to use the Dolly tecnique
Breeders cross two genetically different individuals.
All the DNA in one cell of an organism.

Did you know: The main goal of the Human Genome Project is to identify the DNA sequence of every gene in the human Genome
Methods to made desirable trait organisms
Three methods that people have used to develop organisms with desirable traits are selective breeding, cloning and genetic engineering