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the Six-Day war in 1967

Israel has controlled all of Jerusalem since...

Jewish citizens of Israel

Palestinians include all but which group?


Adherents of which religion have controlled the Holy Land for most of the past 1,500 years?


The world's largest universalizing religion is...

inanimate objects and natural events have spirits

Animists believe that...


The belief in the exsistance of only one god is...


Lutheran, Baptist, and Methodist are examples of a Christian...


Judaism is not a universalizing religion. True/False


Which is currently the most important religion in the homeland of the man who founded it?


The agricultural calendar is relatively unimportant to which type of religions?

at home

Worshiping in Hinduism is most likely to take place...


Christianity has ___ billion adherents.

sending missionaries out to spread the religion

Religion is not reflected in geography through...

the Middle East

Muslims are clustered in...


Beleifs concerning the origin of the universe are...


The world's largest ethnic religion is...


The dominant branch of Islam in Iran is...

it was started by one man

Buddhism is not different from Christianity in which way?

how they see the origin of god

The cosmogony of ethnic and universalizing religions do not vary in which way?


Followers of which religious branch do not trace their origin to Abraham?

it has a hierarchical structure

Hinduism is not different from the univesalizing religions in which way?

Chiurches remained open but played a limited role

From the Russian Revolution to the fall of the communist government, what was the policy of the government towards religion?


A relatively small group that has broken away from an established church is a...


Cremation is more important than burial in which religion?

reflect on the balance of life

Especially important in Daoism is to...


Islam has ___ billion adherents.


Which religion did not diffuse via trade networks?


A large and fundemental division within a religion is a...

is not a sanctified place

A mosque differs from a church, because a mosque...

relocation diffusion

Christianity first diffused from its hearth through...

they believe that Mohammed is the last prophet

Islam is not similar to Christianity in which way?

It encourages each congregation to be self-sufficient

What is not a characteristic of a hierarchical religion?


What is not an ethnic Asian religion?


The dominant branch of Islam is..


Eatern orthodoxy is an example of a Christian...

its rituals derive from the agricultural cycle in Israel

Judaism is classified as an ethnic rather than a universalizing religion, primarily because..

appeals to people living in a wide variety of locations

A universalizing religion...


Adherents of which religion are also likely to believe in other religions simultaneously?

compassion and teaching

Mahayanists, in contrast to Theravadists, emphasize Buddha's...


The Ganges is the most holy river for Muslims. True/False


Individual ethnic religions have more concentrated grographic distributions than universalizing religions. True/False


Eastern religions do not have congregational worship. True/False


Buddhism is the most important religion in India. True/False


The largest concentration of Eastern Orthodox Christians is in Eastern Europe. True/False


Missionaries play a significant role in ethnic religions but not in univeralizing religions. True/False


Islam is a less hierarchical religion than Christianity. True/False


Many Baha'i churches that have been built in the letter part of the 20th century are dramatic in order to attract members. True/False


Jerusalem is important to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam because all three have holy sites in the city. True/False


Jerusalem is a holy city to all three major universalizing religions.

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