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Type of heart a bird has


Air sacs

The oxygenated air inhaled by birds goes through the trachea and into these structures


These organisms share many characteristics with reptiles, like amniotic eggs and scales


Part of the brain that coordinates movement and balance during flight

Contour feathers

Feathers that cover the body, wings and tail


Structure that stores food

Down feathers

Feathers that are soft, trap air and act as insulation


An organism that is able to generate its body heat internally by its own metabolism


Structures that are specialized outgrowths of skin involved in flight and insulation


Structure that grinds food


In the case of animals, to sit on eggs to keep them warm


Fibrous protein that makes up feathers and hair

Medulla Oblongata

Part of the brain that controls automatic functions such as respiration and heartbeat

One-way circulation

Type of circulation in birds

Preen gland

Organ that secretes waterproofing oil for feathers

Uric acid

Wastes excreted by birds

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