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After learning that he is doomed, which, or who, of these does Enkidu not blame for his mending death.


After learning that he is doomed, which, or who, of these does Enkidu not blame for his impending

It is stolen by a snake.

How does Gilgamesh lose the rejuvenating plant that he retrieves from the bottom of the ocean?


What is the name of the terrible giant that Gilgamesh and Enkidu slay?


After the death of Enkidu, in search of what does Gilgamesh embark on a solitary journey?

Remain awake for six days and seven nights

During his encounter with Utnapishtim, what is the first of two tests that Gilgamesh fails?


Which god orders Enkidu's death?

Six days and six nights

What is the length of the storm that floods the earth in Gilgamesh?


Which god sends Uta-napishti a vision warning him of the flood?


Who is believed to have written The Odyssey?

The Trojan War

From what war is Odysseus attempting to return home?


Where is Odysseus' home?


Who is Odysseus' father?

20 years

How long has Odysseus been away from his home, both fighting in the Trojan Wars and returning home?


During Odysseus' absence, what is Penelope and Telemachus' home filled with?

A beggar

In the Odyssey, what does Odysseus return to Ithaca disguised as?


Who is the real beggar who wants to beat up the disguised Odysseus?


The winner must fire an arrow through how many axes in Penelope's archery contest?

They are hanged

What happens to the disloyal maids after they clean the blood from the great hall?

By a scar on his leg

How does the loyal nurse Eurycleia recognize


Who says the following: 'Who could move my bed? Impossible task, /even for some skilled craftsman.'

He knows that their bedroom was made around a living olive tree

How does Penelope truly know that Odysseus is her real husband?


Which goddess supports Odysseus the most?


Which god is obstructing Odysseus most to get home?


In 'The Bible: The New Testament, Luke 2,' Jesus is said to have been born in the City of David, which is better known as what city?

He shall save

What does the name Jesus mean in Hebrew?

Edict of Milan

Which decree by Emporer Constatine I declared tolerance of all religions?


According to Matthew 26, which of Jesus' twelve disciples admits to betraying him?


According to the Hebrew tradition, what characteristics describe God except:


Who changed Christianity from a Jewish sect to a larger religious movement in the first century AD, with churches in Asia Minor, Greece, and even Rome?


The Hebrew prophet Jesus was born under the reign of which Roman emperor?


Who were the authors of the four gospels, except whome?


Who was the scholar commissioned by pope
Damasus to make the correct translation of Christian texts from Greek to Latin?


Under what name, meaning common or popular version, did the translation of the bible commissioned by pope Damasus come to be known?


Which book in the New Testament includes a vision of the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus?

Thou shalt love thy neighbor and hate thy enemy

According to Matthew 5-7, what did the teachings of Jesus include, except?

This is Jesus, king of the jews

According to Matthew 27, what was the accusation written over the head of Jesus?

The angel of the lord

According to Matthew 28, when Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Joseph come to see the sepulchre in which Jesus' body was entombed, who informed them that Jesus is risen?

The recitation

Translated into English, the Koran (al-qur'‚n) means what?


The Koran's revelations were received by which prophet?


What is the FIRST language of the Islamic literary tradition?


What is the SECOND language of the Islamic literary tradition?


Is the Koran the word of God as interpreted by


Which city was established as a center for translation in the early ninth century?


Does the Koran explicitly forbid forcible conversion to Islam?


Was the history of Islam in its early centuries both turbulent and violent?

The eternal human quest for goodness and truth in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

Don Quixote's quest has been seen as an allegory of what?


Who wrote the first modern novel, Don Quixote de la Mancha, which was published in the 17th century.


Was Cervantes's life generally unremarkable with few exceptions?


Did Cervantes's historic war record earn him
significant royal honors?

A penny

Despite the immediate success of Don Quixote, Cervantes never received what?


Which type of literary narrative does Cervantes satirize in Don Quixote?

Sancho panza

Don Quixote's vision and conduct are most clealry seen in his relationship with which character?

His horse

Who is Rocinante?

The innkeeper

Who knights Don Quixote?


What did Don Quixote imagine the windmills in chapter 8 to be?


With what did Quixote attribute the transformation of the windmills in chapter 8?


Who is the narrator of the novel Don Quixote?


Who is described as the cruel yet enchanting young shepherdess who led to Grisostomo's death?


In chapter 18, Don Quixote encounters what he thinks are two opposing armies. What are they actually?

A chain gang

The 'poor and unfortunate men' who Quixote set free in chapter 22 were actually what?


Quixote was disappointed that the author of the book that the bachelor Carrasco says includes Don Quixote is what?


In chapter 3 of Part II, the Knight of the Wood
admonishes Sancho for what reason?

Governorship of an island

Don Quixote has promised what to Sancho Panza in exchange for his services as a squire?

Sampson Carrasco

Who is revealed as the Knight of the Mirrors?

He becomes sick

How does Don Quixote die?

Saint thomas becket

The Canterbury Tales are told during a pilgrimage journey from London to the shrine of what martyr?


Does Chaucer portray himself in the Canterbury Tales?


How many characters went on the Canterbury


When do the Canterbury pilgrims start their journey?


Who closely follows Christian principles in the canterbury tales?

2 on the way and 2 coming back

How many stories does Harry Bailey, the Host,
suggest that each traveler tell on the way to and from Canterbury?

In a tavern

At the beginning of 'The Pardoner's Tale,' the three 'rioters' are sitting where?

Slay death

In 'The Pardoner's Tale,' when the three rioters hear about the plague, they swear that they will do what?

By the tree on the hill

In 'The Pardoner's Tale,' an old man by the wayside tells them that they will find Death where?

The become greedy and forget about slaying death

In 'The Pardoner's Tale,' what happens when the three rioters find the treasure?

Plan to kill the youngest

In 'The Pardoner's Tale,' what do the two rioters do as soon as the youngest leaves for town?

Posion his other men

In 'The Pardoner's Tale,' what does the rioter who goes to town decide to do?

Murder him

In 'The Pardoner's Tale,' when the youngest man returns, what do his partners do?

Is greedy

Why is it ironic that the Pardoner relate his grim tale?


The Inferno is a dramatization of what type of
medieval theology?

All the above heaven hell and purgatory

The Divine Comedy is an allegorical narrative that follows Dante's imaginary journey through where?

Human reason

For Dante, Virgil is the symbol of what?


Who is Dante's guide through the Inferno?


Who is Dante's guide through Paradise?


Can the Divine Comedy be interpreted on a literal, as well as an allegorical level?


Does The Inferno have a simple, singular meaning?

Good friday or easter

Dante begins his journey during what religious


For Dante, Beatrice is the symbol of what?


Who sent Virgil to lead Dante from his wandering in the dark wood?


Does Dante initially feel that he is unworthy to make the journey with Virgil?


Who are the first tormented souls that Dante
encounters before crossing over into Hell?

Abandon all hope ye who enter here

What message is inscribed over the gates of Hell?


Who is the ferryman who carries souls into Hell?


Did Dante faint before being carried into Hell?

Unbaptized or unchristian

What group of souls is found in the first circle of Hell?

Homer, horace, Ovid, Lucan, Aristotle and Socrates

Who are the six poets in the first circle of Hell?

A frozen lake

Describe the ninth circle of Hell.

The beating of satans wings

What is the source of wind that keeps Cocytus frozen?


Who are the condemned sinners who were
imprisoned in the very center of Hell?

Oxford cleric

Who pays for his education with funds obtained from the charity of others in the canterbury tales?

The pardoner

Who sells pardons at high prices in the canterbury tales?

The monk

Who is an expert hunter in the canterbury tales?

The knight

Who is -----in the canterbury tales?

The wife of bath

What character is hard of hearing?

The merchant

What character is in debt?

Madam eglantyne

a nun; fat, brooch on rosary, in the clergy eats so much; never really prays; doesn't eat almost everything; doesn't have good table manners.

The yeoman

Who is s an expert on woodcraft in the canterbury tales?

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