22 terms

Ch. 29 Review #1

Germany responded to the mobilization of Russia along their comon border with a :
declaration of war on russia and France
Austria hungarys decalaration of war against ____________ set off a chain reaction within the alliance system.
_______________, a member of the serbian nationalist group Black Hand, assasinated Archduke FRanz Ferdinand
Gavrilo Princip
After RUssia began mobilizing troops on its western border, ________________ declared war on russia .
Allied powers? who were they?
GReat Britain, FRance, Russia, Japan
The battles of the MArne, the somme, and Verdun were fought on ____________ soil.
Under the Schlieffan plan, Germany was to focus on defeating ___________________.
no mans land
area between trenches
Which of the Great powers did not have a large army by 1914?
Great Britain
Triple Entente? Who were they?
Great Britain, Russia, France
Which nation was the first to declare war in what woul come to be called the GReat WAr?
Austria- Hungary
Which 2 non balkan nations fought for dominance of the balkans?
Russia, Austria- Hingary
Triple Alliance
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Which nation greatly regretted its loss of Alsace- Lorraine to GErmany in 1870
Which nation did Otto van Bismark believe was the greatest threat to peace in europe?
WHich nation annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908?
Austria Hungary
Which natio's heir to the throne was assasinated?
Austria- hungary
WHich nation was unified by Otto von Bismark and later ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm ll?
Whose assasination in June 1914 in bosnia led to the outbreak of WW1?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Schlieffen plan
A strategy drawn up by Germany to avoid fighting a war on two fronts
In 1916, Germany tried to break the stalemate on the western front by attacking the French at_____________.
In july 1916, the British attacked the Germans at the _____________.