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soil erosion
Movement of soil components, especially topsoil, from one place to another, usually by wind, flowing water, or both. This natural process can be greatly accelerated by human activities that remove vegetation from soil.
problems with soil erosion
natural processes that move soil from one location to another due to water, wind, ice, and other agents. Can make plants infertile.
monoculture farming
Monoculture farming results in the same crop depleting the same set of nutrients over time, rather than a rotating set of crops consuming a rotating set of nutrients.
The American Dust Bowl
settlement of prairies, plowing, over-grazing = drought from 1925 to 1934
certification of forestry
comparing the actual practices of specific corporations or government agencies with practices that are believed to be consistent with sustainability
which of the following is a commercially used method for harvesting trees and is most likely to lead to fragmented landscape with serious impacts on biodiversity?
Group of tress that consists of fairly common trees that share the canopy or top part of the forest
The tallest, most numerous, and most vigorous trees in a forest community
Between a more medial and a more lateral structure
old-growth forest
forest that has not been influenced by man or used for timber
second-growth forest
a stand of trees resulting from secondary ecological succession
seed-tree cutting
removes all but a few seed trees to promote regeneration
selective cutting
cutting down only some trees in a forest and leaving a mix of tree sizes and species behind
cutting dead and less desirable trees first and alter cutting mature trees
the management of forest plantations for the purpose of harvesting timber.
A variation of clear-cutting in which a strip of trees is clear-cut along the contour of the land, with the corridor narrow enough to allow natural regeneration within a few years. After regeneration, another strip is cut above the first, and so on.
The World Firewood Shortage
The price of a cord of firewood has shot up in the past 12 months, and those in the business say it's because of last year's difficult winter.