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  1. Quest
  2. Nomadic
  3. Rant
  4. Lethargic
  1. a indifferent
  2. b a search, hunt
  3. c wandering, moving about from place to place
  4. d to speak wildly and noisily

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  1. in an easygoing or unhurried way
  2. a hiding place
  3. unhurried, taking plenty of time
  4. by chance, not planned or prearranged
  5. mental strain or agitation

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  1. Statusto speak wildly and noisily


  2. Piecemealone piece at a time


  3. Mellowgentle, pleasant


  4. Mellowa sickness, illness, disease, disorder


  5. Heartrendingcausing mental pain or grief


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