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  1. Random
  2. Clarification
  3. Braggart
  4. Cache
  5. Status
  1. a boastful in a loud, annoying way
  2. b by chance, not planned or prearranged
  3. c relative rank or standing, especially in society
  4. d the act of making clear or understandable, an explanation
  5. e something hidden or stored

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  1. soft, sweet, and rich
  2. to steal one's property entrusted to one's care
  3. mental strain or agitation
  4. to search, seek, ask
  5. one piece at a time

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  1. Despondentunhurried, taking plenty of time


  2. Cacheloud, violent talk


  3. Turmoilsoft, sweet, and rich


  4. Rantby chance, not planned or prearranged


  5. Heartrendingcausing mental pain or grief