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What was the Jacobin organization that used vague laws to arrest suspected people against revolution?

Committee of Public Safety (Law of Suspects)

What Jacobin that began Reign of Terror?


What is known as the spread of the revolution to the countryside?

Great Fear

What was the local group that orchestrated the September Massacre?

Paris communes

Who was Napoleon's British nemesis?

Horatio Nelson

Why was the Bastille chosen for the first uprisings?

Had lots of weapons, and it was the symbol of old regime: old monarchy that sparked the revolution

Killing led by Robespierre

Reign of Terror

Name of government that was overthrown by Napoleon


What happened at the Battle of Trafalgar

Horatio Nelson dies, British vs. France and British still won

What was the refractory clergy

Clergy that didn't swear an oath to the new constitution

Tennis court oath promised?

That France would have a new constitution

Who was the woman that murdered Marat?

Charlotte Corday

What was the name of Louis XV's mistress who had mistress powers?

Madame de Pompador

Feminist journalist who spoke for equal rights of woman?

Olympe de Gouges

What was the event caused from the reaction to Reign of Terror, that was a phase of revolution where it cooled down?

Thermidorian reaction

Who said after me the flood? Apres de moi luge?

Louis XV

New system of France law established after Directory?

Napoleonic code

Form of government moderates wanted w/ legislative assembly?

Constitutional monarchy

List the governments in France from the Rev.

1. Absolute monarchy
2. National Assembly
3. NCA
4. Legislative Assembly
5. National Convention
6. Directory
7. Consulate

Battle of Nile

France vs. Britain, Napoleon lost and brought back Rosetta Stone

Final Defeat of Napoleon

Battle of Waterloo

Government established by Napoleon


Treaty of Chamont

Restores Bourbon dynasty, exiles Napoleon to Elba and border go back to what they were before

Continental System

Blockade set up by Napoleon to isolate Britain away for trade, it was an economic strategy

Nation of Shop keepers


Events that led to treaty of campo formio

Napoleon defeats Austria, worried Directory because Napoleon signed it

Led by Prince Metternich to to restore French government back to original state

Congress of Vienna

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