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1st Law of Leadership

You Can't lead Others Until You Can Lead Yourself

2nd law of student leadership

You are only worth what you can give away

3rd law of student leadership

You can only give away what you got

Attitude and Responsibility

Life is 10% What happens, 90% how you react. Responding with ability

1st rule of marching

Start together, move together, stop together!

2nd rule of marching

Always be 1/2 way between front to back or side to side!

3rd rule of marching

Connect the line! Play dot to dot!

4th rule of marching

Use Physical Projection!

5th rule of marching

Play your part! Execute your routine!

Adjusted Size Step

Step other size than standard 22.5" 8-5 Step. Used in "float" flows


Being in line either front to back or side to side. Two types: Dress, Cover


Not symmetrical


Marching backwards. Heels off ground, on toes


Being in line front to back. Type of alignment


"Curved Lines". Can be form or Marching path


Front to back spacing in straight Curvilinear form


Being in line side to side in a straight or Curvilinear form. Line up ankles. Type of Alignment

Dress Center

Setting the form with correct spacing and alignment from inside to to outside

Eight to Five

Standard Step size. 22.5 inches

End Zone

Boundaries of Field on far extremities. Outside 0 yard line


Type of flow in which some marchers follow another marcher. Generally in curvilinear path


turn executed in 1 count


Type of drill flow. Uses adjusted step sizes to ensure all marchers arrive at same time


Transition between drill forms

Football Field

100 by 54 (53.5) Yard field. Performance Area


Picture displayed by marchers. Can contain linear, curvilinear, symmetry, and asymmetrical figures


Marks that divide field equally into thirds. Every 17.5 yards. 28 steps in each third

Hold the Form

Marching flow where picture moves but does not change


Towards 50 Yard Line


SIde to side spacing in straight/curvilinear form


straight line. Can be drill form or marching path


Away from 50 Yard Line

Physical projection

All elements of appearance as a performer: Posture, Carriage, Pose, Instrument/Equipment position, and Uniform. Appear as tall as possible.

Roll the feet

Forward Marching Style. Exaggerate toe pointed up, shift weight, peel back foot up, roll front foot down, heel to toe. Do not do for back slides.

Side One

Side to the on the left of field (When looking from Box)

Side Two

Side to the on the right of field (When looking from Box)


Front and back boundaries of field


Body posture where upper half is facing one direction and marching in a different. Often used as type of flank turn

Slow Turn

Static/Stationary turn in more than one count. Smooth and consistent rotation

Soft Turn

Nonstationary turn executed in more than one count. Often used in curvilinear follow the leader flows

Spatial Awareness

Being conscious of all field coordinates and performers


Being equally spaced between either front o back or side to side in a linear or curvilinear form. Two types are distance and interval


Form same on both sides

Yard Lines

Marks that divide field every 5 yards


80% of Qualities of a Leader. Laughter, Exciting, Assertive, Disciplined, Enthusiastic, Responsive, Sensitive, Honesty, Integrity, Positive. More important than skills/achievements


Most important part of leadership. Holds it together. Ability to bring/receive knowledge from others


To be certain of your abilities. Developed through practice. "doing it right til you cant do it wrong." But,"When in doubt, fake it."


To make a commitment to an organization, it members, or ideals


Having control over attitudes and skills. Leading by example. "Can't lead others till you can lead self."


20 minute break between 2nd and 3rd quarters. Visiting Band performs first.


Attaining dignity and respect through behavior and actions


Experience plus facts. Leadership skill. "Can only give what youve got"


Someone that can get others to do what they normally would not. Can be positive or negative. Good can teach, mentor, help. Official title is NOT needed.


"mental Road Map" Ideas you hold to be true. What you were taught

Paradigm Shift

Often comes with an epiphany. Drastic change in ideas you hold to be true


Not being together. Can be marching, music or equipment work


Time to get the most work done. GET ER DONE. Time for most efficient use of time.


Displaying high self esteem, section, and band. Be proud!


Qualities which enable someone to handle any situation with calm and confident control. Someone that does it right even when they dont want to.


Responding with ability. Based on skills and attitude.


20% of qualities of a leader. Schedules time well, Knowledgeable, Initiates action, Learns more, Listens well, Success oriented

Time Management

Putting first things first. Making priorities. Decisions based on level of responsibility and professionalism

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