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psychologists formally define learning as

a relatively permenetly change in behavior or knowledge that is due to past experience

who discovered the basc process of classical conditionaling

ivan pavalo

in response to a cold temp your body will shiver reflexively. using pavalos termonology the cold temp would be termed

unconditioned stimulus

in respopnse to cutting up an onion airborne irritants released by the onion

unconditioned response

behaviorism was an early school or approach to psychology founded by

john b watson

john b watson beleive that psycology should study

observable behavior

the early school or approach to psycology called behaviorism emphasized which of the following ideas

the scientific study of observable behaviors rather than mental processes

a physological and or physiological response to what is actually a fake treatment drug is called

a placebo response

who formulated the law and effect

edward L thorndike

an operant can be defined as

a vonluntary action

example of a primary reinforcer

a cold drink on a hot day

a skinner box is

small glass cage with food dispenser

the famous bobo doll studies show that

performance of a behavior was affected by the cognitivive expctation of reinforcement of punishment

according to bandura what four cognitive processes are necessary for imitation of behavior that has been only obsverved

attention memory ability to perform the behavior motivaion

the branch of psycology that is focused on unerstanding the internal physical events and processes tha correspong with our experiences and behavior is called

biological psycology

neurons are

a highly speciaized cells that receive and transmit info from one areo fo the body to another

which of the following signals muscles to relax or conract

motor neurons

the three basic types of neurons are

sensory, motor and interneurons

the cell body of a neuron

provides the enrgy needed for the neuron to function

the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine

is involved in muscle contractions and memory

is implicated in alzheimers disease


the two main divisions of the nervous system are

peripheral nervous sys, central nervous sys

best defines nerurogenesis

the developemet of new neurons

the brainstem is made up of the

mid brains and hindbrain

which is not a hindbrain structure....?
pons, cerebellum, hypothalamus, medulla


the limbis refers to

the hippocampus thalamus amygadala and hypthalamus

the hippocampus plays a key role in

forming new memories

which is not a key component of the limbic sys...?
hypothalamus, reticular formation, amygadala, hippocampus

reticular formation

psycology is formally defined as

the scientific study of behavior and mental processes

early approachor school of psychology is associated with wilhel, wundts student edward titchner


who played a key role in establishing psychology as a scientific disipline i the US

william james

first african american to recieve a ph d in psychology in the US was

francis c sumner

founder of psychoanalysis was

austrian physican sigmu freud

psychoanalysis emphasized

inconcious causes of behavior

early school of psycology called behaviorism

grew out of russian physiologist Ivan pavlovs pioneering research n which he conditioned dogs to salviate to the sound of a bell

behaviorism was characterised by

the reaction of conciousness as a topic in psycology and focus upson observale behavior

ky figures in the developement include

watson, pavlov, skinner

humanistic psychology emphasized

free wil, self- determination, psycological growth and human potential

in contrast to collectiveistic cultures individualstic cuture tend to

value the needs and goals of the individual over the eeds and goals of the group

in collective cultures a persons sense of identity is

strongly inlfuenced by the persons interdependent relationships with others such as the persons family

which is not a step in the scientific method

apply the findings to solve human problems

a hypothesis is

a tentative statement that describes the relationship between two or more varianles

people who engage in critical thinking

are open to new ideas yet maintain a sense of skepticism

the biological category of male or female as defined by physical differences in genetic composition and in reproductive anatomy and functions is refered


the term gender is formally defined as

the cultural social and psychological meanings that are associated with masculinity or feminity

what refers to the cutural social nd psychological means that are associated with masculinity or femininity


refers to the directions of a persons emotional and erotic attraction toward members of the opposite sex, same sex, or both sexes.

sex orientation

two personality dimensions on which men and women consistenlty differ are

nurturance and ssertiveness

on tests of verbal fluency reading comprehensions spelling and basic writing skills females..

consistently score much higher than males

the human sexual response cycle was first mapped by sex-research pionees

masters and johnson

the shorteset stage of the human sexual response


according to research by master an johnson what represents the normal order of the four stages in human sexual resp cycle

excitement platue orgasm resolution

the refractory period refers to

length of time following orgasm during which male is incapable of having another orgasm or erection

in both men and women sexual act and motivation is biologically influences by both bodily levels of


any of sveral infectious diseases that are primarily transmittes through sexual intercourse or other intimate sexual contact are called


emilie had to seek treatment cus of persistnet itching due to pubic lice. she has contracted a ..

parasite std

with aproximitly 1.5 mil new infections occuring per yr in US .......... it the most common st

genital herpes

ppl with herpes often

(all of the above)
have no symptoms, can transmit the virus through sexual contact even if they do not have sores visiable,often unaware they are infected

the disease caused by the change of body fluids conataining HIV which attacks and weakens the immune system is called


HIV stands for

human immunodeficiency virus

which definition refects frueds view of the id

the primative part of personality

frueds theory on odepus complex

the attraction to the opposite sex parent plays out as a drama in childs mind

the term used by psycologists used to discribe an measure the emotional bond between infant and care giver

attatchment theory

according to karen males often envy the capacity of women to bear childeren which she termed as

womb envy

which of the following is refered to as the 3 force

humanisitic psy.

wich best discribes deoxyribonucleus acid


female has_____ combination in the ____?

xy, first pair

accoring to freud the ego is guided by_____ and id is guided by____

concious, unconcious

implicit memory is

memory that cant be recollected

the term used to describe mental activities involves in aquiring retaining and using knowledge


your general knowledge of words facts names definiions and others assorted trivia reflects which type of long term memory

semantic memory

test designed to assess a persons capacity to benifitfrom education or training

iq test

language is a highly structured sys that follows specific rules for combining words


the most typical instnce of a particular concept


part of body that developes most quickly

the brain

childerent who are fearful easily startled

post tramatic stress dissorder

psychologist george studies characeristics of

visual memory


enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves

area of the brain that is cruicial in expressing and regulating emotions

limbic system

the term schema refers to

organized cluster of particular info

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