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  1. Jap Ji
  2. Jiva
  3. Wu Wei
  4. Anenkantwad
  5. Panth
  1. a The Jain principle of manifold aspects of the truth
  2. b The first morning prayer of Sikhs, written by Guru Nanak
  3. c In Daoism, "not doing" in the sense of taking no action contrary to the natural flow
  4. d The religious community in Sikhism
  5. e the soul

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  1. The second morning prayer of Sikhs, written by Guru Gobind Singh
  2. Yoruba term for a deity
  3. Confucianism stressing the importance of meditation and dedication to becoming a "noble person" established during the Chinese Han and Song dynasties
  4. Impurity or misfortune, a quality that Shinto purification practices are designed to remove
  5. Non-acquistiveness, a major Jain principle

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  1. LangarA Sikh congregation


  2. DigambaraA highly ascetic order of Jain monks who wear no clothes


  3. YiRighteous conduct, the Confucian virtue stressed by Mencius


  4. Vision QuestA Sikh congregation


  5. Dao (Tao)Harmony with the way of the kami