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  1. Guru Granth Sahib
  2. Panth
  3. Dreaming (Dream Time)
  4. Li
  5. Sangat
  1. a The religious community in Sikhism
  2. b The sacred scripture compiled by the Sikh Gurus
  3. c The timeless time of Creation, according to Australian Aboriginal belief
  4. d A Sikh congregation
  5. e Ceremonies, rituals, and rules of proper conduct, in the Confucian tradition

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  1. Nectar made with sugar and water, symbolizing the sweetness of compassion
  2. The vital energy in the universe and in our bodies according to East Asian esoteric traditions
  3. The Jain principle of manifold aspects of the truth
  4. In Daoism, "not doing" in the sense of taking no action contrary to the natural flow
  5. An ascetic Sikh order

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  1. Dao (Tao)A Sikh congregation


  2. Vision QuestA solitary ordeal undertaken to seek spiritual guidance about one's mission in life


  3. Janam-sakhisTraditional biographies, especially stories of the life of Guru Nanak


  4. RenHumanity, benevolence - the central Confucian virtue


  5. Orisanon-violence, a central Jain principle


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