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  1. Khalsa
  2. Kami
  3. Jiva
  4. Ahimsa
  5. Gurdwara
  1. a the soul
  2. b The invisible sacred quality that evokes wonder and awe in us, the invisible spirits throughout nature that are born of this essence
  3. c non-violence, a central Jain principle
  4. d A sikh temple
  5. e Order of Sikhs who have undergone special initiation and observe a strict code of conduct

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  1. Humanity, benevolence - the central Confucian virtue
  2. Yoruba term for a deity
  3. The holy Name of God, as recited by Sikhs
  4. A highly ascetic order of Jain monks who wear no clothes
  5. A solitary ordeal undertaken to seek spiritual guidance about one's mission in life

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  1. SamsaraContinual round of birth, death and rebirth


  2. LiCeremonies, rituals, and rules of proper conduct, in the Confucian tradition


  3. Guru Granth SahibThe sacred scripture compiled by the Sikh Gurus


  4. Dreaming (Dream Time)The timeless time of Creation, according to Australian Aboriginal belief


  5. Aparigrahanon-violence, a central Jain principle