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  1. Yi
  2. Li
  3. Samsara
  4. Jiva
  5. Yin
  1. a In Chinese philosophy, the dark receptive "female" energy in the universe
  2. b Continual round of birth, death and rebirth
  3. c the soul
  4. d Righteous conduct, the Confucian virtue stressed by Mencius
  5. e Ceremonies, rituals, and rules of proper conduct, in the Confucian tradition

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  1. A solitary ordeal undertaken to seek spiritual guidance about one's mission in life
  2. The symbols worn by Khalsa members
  3. Shinto purification ceremony
  4. The first morning prayer of Sikhs, written by Guru Nanak
  5. Yoruba term for a deity

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  1. KannagaraCommunity meal for all, regardless of caste or position


  2. TsumiThe invisible sacred quality that evokes wonder and awe in us, the invisible spirits throughout nature that are born of this essence


  3. Dao (Tao)Nectar made with sugar and water, symbolizing the sweetness of compassion


  4. LangarA Sikh congregation


  5. KirtanSinging of sacred hymns from Guru Granth Sahib