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Greek, light.
Derivatives: photometer-(metron- measure)-a device which measures light, phototropic-(tropos-turn) - turning toward light
Greek, to write or draw.
Derivatives: lithograph-(lithos-stone)-drawing made on a stone, graphite-black carbon used for drawing or writing
Greek, far away, distant.
Derivatives: telepathy-(pathos-feeling)-knowing how someone far away is feeling, telethon-(Marathon-a battlefield in ancient Greece) a telephone fund raiser which runs on non-stop, as Pheidippides ran after the battle of Marathon.
Greek, measure.
Derivatives: optometry-(opsis-sight)-measure eyesight, anemometer-(anemos-wind)-measures wind speed
Greek, turning.
Derivatives: heliotrope-(helios-sun)-a flower named for its tendency to turn toward the sun, tropophilous-(philia-love)-plants or trees which like a change or turning of seasons-hot and cold, wet and dry
Greek, love, friendship..
Derivatives: philosopher-(Sophia-wisdom)-one who loves wisdom, philanthropist-(anthropos-man) -one who cares about his fellow man
Greek, fear.
Derivatives: agoraphobia-(agora-field)-fear of open space, toxikophobia-(toxikos-poison)-fear of poison
Greek, with, together..
Derivatives: synthesis-(thesis-put, place)-putting together, synchronize-(chronos-time)-to do things at the same time.
Greek, put, place, position.
Derivatives: theme-an essay or composition on a certain subject with a statement and supporting reasons, synthesizer-(syn-together)-instruments which puts sounds together like real musical instruments
Greek, movement.
Derivatives: kinesiology-(logos-word or study)-study of human movement, cinematographer-motion picture photographer
Greek, sound.
Derivatives: megaphone-(mega-big)-device to make sounds BIG, microphone-(mikros-small)-device to transmit or record small sounds
Latin, sound.
Derivatives: sonnet-a form of rhyming Italian poetry, consonant-(con-with)-speech sounds made with lips, tongue or teeth
Greek, look at, inspect, consider, examine.
Derivatives: periscope-(peri-around)-device for seeing around obstacles, kaleidoscope-(kalos-beautiful forms or arrangements of small fragments of glass
Latin, see.
Derivatives: evidence-(e,ex-out)-out of what one can see, advise-(ad-to, toward)-look and tell your view
Greek, word, study.
Derivatives: psychology-(psyche-soul, life)-study of the soul or mental life of man, legend-a story to be read
Latin, word.
Derivatives: proverb-(pro-forward)-wise or profound saying, verbatim-word-for-word copy or record
Latin, name.
Derivatives: nominal-in name only; not real or actual, nom de plume-(French)-pen name of an author
Latin, for, before, forward, in place of.
Derivatives: profess - (fateor, fassus sum-admit, reveal)-to admit that one is an expert, prologue-(logos [Gr.]-word, study)-words before beginning a play or book
prae (pre)
Latin, before, in front of.
Derivatives: preamble-(ambulo, ambulatum-walk)-that which goes before, prejudice-(judicium-judgment)-make judgment beforehand
Latin, toward; near, next to.
Derivatives: adequate-(aequus-level, even, flat)-even with or equal to, advertise-(verto, versum-turn)-turn people to what you are offering
Latin, throw.
Derivatives: interject-(inter-between)-throw between, projectile-a thing thrown forward (arrow, bullet, rock)
Latin, lay, put, place.
Derivatives: impose-(in-in, on, upon)-to put upon, component-(con-together)-put together
Latin, with, together.
Derivatives: collaborate-(laboro, laboratum-work)-work with, commemorate-(memoro, memoratum-remember)-remember something together
figo or fixum
Latin, fix, fasten, attach.
Derivatives: prefix-(prae-before)-letter or syllable added to the beginning of a word, suffix-(sub-under)-letter or syllable added to the end of a word
Latin, join, unite, connect.
Derivatives: conjugal-relating to the joining of man and woman in marriage, conjugation-a set of verb endings joined with the stem
Latin, finger, toe, inch.
Derivatives: digit-finger, numerals from 0 to 9, unit of measure the width of a finger (3/4 of an inch), prestidigitation-(praesto-at hand, prompt)-a fast fingered or sleight-of-hand performance of magic or of card tricks
Latin, head.
Derivatives: caput-"off with his head", capitalism-system where the "head money" makes money
Latin, hand.
Derivatives: manifest-(festus-hit)-to hit by hand; easily perceived, manuscript-(scribe, scriptum-write)-writing, written by hand
pes or ped
Latin, foot.
Derivative: pedestrian-walker-on foot, pedigree-("pied de grue"-crane's foot)-genealogy chart
Latin, arm.
Derivatives: embrace-(em-in, into)-to take into one's arms, bracero-Spanish word for laborer (with two strong arms!)
Latin, tooth.
Derivatives: dentifrice-(frico, fricatum-rub)-toothpaste, indent-set a line of print in from the margin
Latin, body.
Derivatives: corporation-legally formed group-a body, corpse-dead body
Latin, one.
Derivatives: E pluribus Unum-motto of U.S.A."One out of many" states, university-(verto,versum-turn)-many colleges joined together to function as one body
Latin, two.
Derivatives: dubious-"of two minds"-doubtful, duplicity-two-"facedness"; a "double cross"
Latin, three.
Derivatives: triennial-(annus-year)-every three years, trilobite-(lobus-a rounded division)-a prehistoric animal having three rounded divisions of the body
Latin, four.
Derivatives: quadricycle-(kyclos (G.)-four wheeled vehicle, quadragenarian-(quadraginta-forty)-person in his 40s
Latin, five.
Derivatives: quinquagenarian-(quinquageni-fifty each)-person who is 50 to 59 years old, quinquesyllable-(syllaba-several letters taken together to make one sound)- a word of five syllables
sex or hex
Latin, six.
Derivatives: sexagenarian-(sexageni-60 each)-a person who is 60 to 69 years old, sexdigital-(digitus-finger, toe)-having six fingers or toes, hexagon
Latin, seven.
Derivatives: September-seventh month in the Roman calendar, septangle-(angulus-corner)-a plane (flat) figure with seven sides and seven angles
Latin, eight.
Derivatives: octopus-(pous, podos [Gr.]-foot)-eight footed ocean creature, octagon-(gonia [Gr.]-angle)-figure with eight sides and eight corners or angles
Latin, nine.
Derivatives: novena-devotions for nine days in the Roman Catholic church, novemdigitate-(digitus-finger)-having nine fingers
Latin, ten.
Derivatives: decemfoliate-(folium-leaf)-having ten leaves, decemplicate-(plico,placatum-fold)-tenfold or ten copies (think of duplicate, triplicate)
Latin:, hundred.
Derivatives: century-a set of one hundred, centennial-(annus-year)-a hundred-year celebration or anniversary
Latin, thousand.
Derivatives: mile-a thousand paces (1 pace= 2 steps-one with each foot), millimeter-(metron-measure)-one thousandth of a meter
Greek, fire.
Derivatives: pyrotechnics-(techne-work, skill)-fireworks, pyromaniac-(mania-craze)-a crazy person who plays with fire
Latin, fire
Derivatives: igneous(ous (E.)-full of)-pertaining to fire, ignition-act of "firing up" or starting an engine; setting anything afire
vulcanus or Vulcan
Latin, Roman god of fire.
Derivatives: vulcanize-to treat raw rubber with heat and sulphur to make it harder and more durable, vulcanology-(logos-word, study)-the study of volcanoes
Greek, water.
Derivatives: dehydrate-(de-down, away from)-take water away, hydrogen-(genos, origin)-a gas which, when burned, produces water
Latin, water.
Derivatives: Aquarius-a constellation called "Water Carrier", aquifer-(fero,latum-carry)-a layer under the earth where water flows
Latin, good.
Derivatives: bonanza (Spanish-fair weather, prosperity)-rich find in a gold mine, debonair (Fr.-of good disposition)-kindly, jaunty
Greek, sun.
Derivatives: helioscope-(skopeo-look)-telescope for looking at the sun, heliometer-(metron-measure)-instrument for measuring diameter of the sun
Latin, sun.
Derivatives: solar-pertaining to the sun, solstice-stopping or standing still of the sun, shortest and longest days of the year
Latin, moon
Derivatives: lunar-pertaining to the moon, lunatic-crazy, affected by the moon
Greek, through, across.
Derivatives: diagnosis-(gnosis-knowledge)-analysis through knowledge, thorough knowledge, diagram-(graph-write or draw)-a cross section drawing
Latin, across, over, beyond, through.
Derivatives: transaction-(ago, actum,-do, drive)-trade, exchange, transform-(formo, formatum -form, shape)-change over to a different form
Greek, earth.
Derivatives: geography-(graph-write, draw) - draw the earth (make maps) and write about it, geology- (logos-word, study)-study of the earth and its formations
Latin, land.
Derivatives: territory-land under control of a government or owner, extraterrestrial- (extra-outside) - outside the earth's atmosphere
dormio and dormitum
Latin, sleep.
Derivatives: dormitory-place for sleeping, dormitive- something that causes sleep
Greek, sleep.
Derivatives: hypnology-(logos-word, study)-study of sleep, hypnophobia-(phobos-fear) - fear of sleep
Latin, year.
Derivatives: biannual- (bi-two)-occurring twice a year, biennial-(bi-two)-every two years
Greek, stone.
Derivatives: megalith-(megas-large)-large stone, lithosphere-(sphere a ball, globe)-the rocky crust of the earth
Greek, rock, stone.
Derivatives: petrified-(facio, factum - make, do)-made into stone, petroleum-(oleum - olive, olive oil) - oil from rocks
Greek, star.
Derivatives: asteroid- (eidos-form)-in the form of a star, astronaut- (nauta-sailor)-star sailor
Latin, star.
Derivatives: constellation-(cum-together)-group of stars, interstellar-(inter-between)-between the stars
Greek, tree.
Derivatives: dendrometer-(metron-measure)-instrument for measuring the height and diameter of trees, dendrolite-(lithos-stone)-petrified or fossil trees
arbor or arboris
Latin, tree.
Derivatives: arboraceous-full of trees, wooded, arboriculture-(cultura-tending) - cultivation of trees and shrubs
Greek, time.
Derivatives: synchronize-(syn - together, same) - do at same time, chronic-over a period of time;" from time to time"
tempus or temporis
Latin, time.
Derivatives: extemporaneous-(ex-out) - speak or act (or out of) the time without preparation, contemporaries- (cum) people living at the same time
Greek, beside, along with.
Derivatives: parenthesis- (thesis-place) - a statement placed beside (or within) the main sentence, parallel (allos-other) - the lying alongside of another line, but not touching
Latin, between, among, amid.
Derivatives: interaction-(ago, atum-act, perform) discussion or action among between or among people, intervene-(venio, ventum-come)-come between
Greek, art, skill.
Derivatives: technique- expert skill in accomplishing something, architecture- art or science of building
ars or artis
Latin, art skill.
Derivatives: artistic-pertaining to skillful creation, artificial-(facio, actum-make)-made by man; not occurring naturally
Greek, life.
Derivatives: biology-(logos-word, study)-the study of life, antibiotic-(anti-against) - against living forms which invade the body
vivo or victum
Latin, alive.
Derivatives: revive-(re-back, again)-come to back to life, survive-(sur [F. from L.] super-over) - to live over or beyond a threat of death
Greek, small
Derivatives: microphone (phone-sound)-device for transmitting a small sound over distance, microcosm- (cosmos-world) - a tiny world
Greek, great, large, big. Derivatives: megalomania-(mania-craze) - crazy person with delusions of grandeur or greatness, megatons- a million tons
Latin, big, large, great.
Derivatives: magnify-(facio, factum -make, do) - make larger, magnanimous-(animus-mind, spirit) - great in mind; above what is low, mean or ungenerous
pater or patris
Latin, father.
Derivatives: patriarch-(archos [Gr.]-chief) - chief father of a family or of a society, patriotism-love for fatherland
mater or matris
Latin, mother.
Derivatives: maternal grandparents- parents of one's mother, matrimony-(monia-condition) - state from which motherhood develops, marriage
frater, fratris
Latin, brother.
Derivatives: fraternity- brotherly association of men, fraternize- associate together on friendly or brotherly terms
Greek, the people, the citizens.
Derivatives: democracy-(kratos-power) - people power, epidemic-(epi-upon) - a plague on the people; something widespread, disease spread among citizens
Latin, people.
Derivatives: popular-pleasing to people in general, population- whole number of people in area